Xiaomi Mi 9 Releasing With The Snapdragon 8150? And Screen Fingerprint


This time for the Xiaomi mobile phone brand, in addition to the release of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, there is not much action, which is actually not normal for Xiaomi, after all, in the first two years, Xiaomi released a new machine is a very fast Fast, compared to Huawei and OPPO, vivo is a bit higher, I tha ought it will soon be closed, Xiaomi will definitely not release a new mobile phone, but recently there is a foreign media but revealed a Xiaomi new phone.

First of all, from the body design can see this new Xiaomi new mobile phone, as always, did not follow some of the design, and have not used some unique design of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, compared to this phone will The drop-style screen will be used, and his border is very narrow. It is commendable that this phone will be very high in screen size and may catch up with his Xiaomi max series.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 will adopt a new comprehensive screen design scheme with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display. The water drop screen design can effectively increase the screen ratio. From the picture point of view, the border of Xiaomi Mi 9 is very narrow. It is commendable that the screen ratio of Xiaomi Mi 9 is even higher.

And this phone in the camera design, will use the design of three cameras, will be a new enhancement in the camera, after all, Xiaomi is behind Huawei in the camera, Xiaomi create brilliant, Snapdragon 8150+10GB, high face value + high configuration! And there is no very high-end technical blessing, it is a pity for Xiaomi, so Xiaomi is also working on this phone, will use high pixel, and high-functional level to treat this phone.

And Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will be the first time to use the Snapdragon 8150 CPU in terms of core performance, this phone will also be a mobile phone with Xiaomi’s main performance. Now the Snapdragon 8150 is not listed in our country, the first Snapdragon 8150? Xiaomi’s new machine is a spoiler, Lei Jun: I have already made a great effort! But it should be very fast, and there may be a blessing of 5g network. Then Xiaomi’s phone can use the Snapdragon 8150, it will be very powerful, in addition, the phone will also be equipped with 6GB plus 8GB plus 10Gb of running memory.

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This is actually not a general high-end flagship phone, which will surpass Huawei’s mate 20 but compared to the above advantages, this phone also has its shortcomings, that is, this phone according to the information disclosed online, It can be seen that a 3700 mAh battery will be built in. Compared with other Huawei models, this phone is slightly weaker in terms of battery, but this may be to ensure that the price will not exceed the scope. After all, Xiaomi mobile phone is based on the price-performance advantage and stands in the mobile phone industry. If it can be released according to the above configuration, then this mobile phone is expected to be around 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan ($438.41-584.55). You feel that this mobile phone is in What is the performance of all aspects? If you release it, how much do you think this phone will fit?

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