Xiaomi Mi 9 Will Using Three Cameras, Equipped With IMX586 Sensor!


Recently, Xiaomi launched the high-end flagship of Xiaomi Mi 8. When it was released, it was madly spitting out Notch’s design. It is very similar in appearance to iPhoneX, but with its high-cost performance, it continues to rise in sales.

Recently, a set of renderings can be seen on the Internet. Perhaps this Xiaomi Mi 9 is the biggest trump card. From the news of the online exposure, this Xiaomi Mi 9 has a great change in appearance and performance. First of all, from the appearance, Xiaomi Mi 9 does not use pop-up and lift-type design on the front camera, but directly on the screen. With the design of the opening, such technology will definitely become the mainstream design next year.

The design of the upper and lower bezels has been basically eliminated, and the COP packaging process has been used to greatly improve the screen ratio. Such technology confirmation is very bright.

Xiaomi Mi 9 will use three shots, 4800W + 1300W + 1600W specifications and 48MP is also the previous time Sony released IMX586 sensor (sensor size is 1/2 inch, using the same 4 as IMX600 Pixel color filter, single pixel can be adjusted to 1.6µm at night, CMOS area and single pixel lighting ability is close to IMX600).

Of course, in terms of performance, this is the highlight of this Xiaomi Mi 9, the high-end flagship of the Snapdragon 845 processor in the first half of the year is indeed very much, and the second half of the Snapdragon 8150 processor will occupy a dominant position, so Xiaomi Mi 9 Will definitely launch the latest Snapdragon 8150 processor, of course, this processor will also have built-in 5G chip. There is also a 10G large running memory and a 512G storage version. This configuration is powerful enough, including the endurance in terms of battery life. This millet 9 will use a large battery of 4000 mAh, and it is equipped with 40W fast charging technology, and perhaps wireless fast charging.

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There will also be a lot of highlights on the camera. This Xiaomi Mi 9 will be rear-mounted with a three-shot lens, and it will also be arranged in a vertical arrangement. However, the hardware configuration of this Xiaomi Mi 9 is even more powerful, the main camera 4600W+2400W+1600W, such a pixel pairing as far as the price level, may break through 3,000 yuan ($432.36) to start, but this will still have a high-cost performance.

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