Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Gimbal| With 3-axis Stabilization| Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Take control of MiJia Action Camera! Dedicated Xiaomi Mi Action Camera Gimbal is equipped with three-axis motion stabilization and 4 recording modes. A powerful 5000 mAh battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous operation, also serving as the power bank for the camera.


This gimbal offers a 3-axis stabilization to record more fluidly and boost your recordings with more balance. By having an ergonomic extension, you can use your grip to let your imagination fly. It has a rotation without limits of 360º, so you will not miss any deadlock. The hook allows recording by positioning the camera vertically, in suspension, in a lateral position or as you find it more comfortable to take selfies. Not only can you record more accurately, but you can also adjust the EV value, activate the photo time, operate the camera and control the PTZ variables (pan, tilt, and zoom) from the gimbal itself. In terms of duration.


With three operation modes, you can capture magical moments in any environment. Pan Mode follows the gimbal’s movement while the camera remains locked in tilt and roll to remain upright. In Lock Mode, the roll axis is locked, while the tilt and pan axis rotate to follow the gimbal’s movement. With Pan and Tilt Mode all axis are locked and the gimbal only faces in one direction. This gimbal comes with a power button, a function button mode for photography and images, and an analog stick for controlling the rotation of the camera. It also has a button for controlling the brightness which can give you a better clarity of your images. In addition, this product has a USB micro port for battery recharge, as well as a detachable tripod stand which enables you to make videos without touching the camera or gimbal.


The device is compatible with all Yi action cameras and other camera models as well as smartphones. You will find a 1/4-inch mounting hole so accessories such as a tripod or a selfie stick can be attached. It is also equipped with two batteries 850 mAh each allowing to shoot for about 4.5 hours non-stop. In addition, you can charge your Mijia Mini camera while you roll or take pictures, so it becomes a power bank with stabilization and activation functions.

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