Xiaomi Mi Band 2, The Great Xiaomi’s Smartband For Only $17.99 at @iBuyGou (Coupon Inside)


Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that has products for all kinds of needs, among them are the smartbands. Its Xiaomi Mi Band 2 managed to gain a good reputation, so much so that it came in second place in the smartbands market, and also launched a commemorative edition for the launch of its latest flagship, the Xiaomi Mi 6. Due to its popularity, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is currently on sale at the iBuyGou store, taking this accessory for less than $20 applying some coupon codes that we will leave for you, but before that, we refresh the memory a bit and see some of its most attractive features.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a length of 40.3mm, a width of 15.7mm and a thickness of 10.5mm. The material with which it is made is a combination of plastic and glass, in addition, the color of the product becomes black. As for the elastic bands, these are made of silicone. In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Band has an IP67 certificate making it resistant to dust, water, and electric shock.

As for the cardiac sensor, it stands out a bit having a better contact with the skin, in addition, it has more updated algorithms to make this function more effective and accurate. If we talk about your screen, we can say that it is an OLED with a size of 0.42 inches, in which we can see the time, steps traveled, heart rate and date. Note that this screen is not touched.

The battery of the Xiaomi Mi Band 2 has a capacity of 70 mAh, which is able to give an operating time of 20 days to this smart bracelet without the need to charge it, on the other hand, the total charge time of the battery takes around 3 hours.

To have this bracelet compatibility with smartphones, it is necessary that the phone possesses Android 4.4 or higher, in the case of iOS, needs to possess version 8.0 or higher. Among other functions, we find pedometer, sleep monitoring, the reminder of messages and calls.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the popular Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is on sale, having the possibility of taking it for less than $20 , for this it is necessary to enter a coupon code, however, this code will vary depending on the Date & Quantity that we choose, being – MBC2018IBG – if we decide to buy it on before 11th FEB 2018 this coupon valid for 0-80PCS and – MBI2018IBG – if we buy it on before 13th FEB 2018 this coupon valid for 80PCS-150PCS.


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