Xiaomi MI Band 3 Will Be Released Next Year to Support NFC, GPS, Bigger Screen


Currently most users are expecting a Xiaomi MI Band 2 smartband, and many media said Xiaomi mi band 3 will be released this year soon. But some doesn’t agree. Because there are three reasons, previous release date strategy, the popularity of mi band 2, upgrading or not. 

Xiao miband has been released by July 22, 2014, but Xiaomi mi band 2 released on June 2, 2016,  there are two years to release a new band. So it is not very likely to release Xiaomi MI Band 3.

Xiaomi miband and Xiaomi miband 2 has changed from no screen to a screen. And there is one more OLED screen than Xiaomi miband 1 to show time, heart rate, pedometer, calorie, etc. In function, it has achieved sports pedometer, sleep monitor, sedentary monitor, heart rate, phone call reminder, screen unlock, alarm, payment, etc. So Xiaomi band can meet all needs for users. Even there are many manufacturers releasing its smartband, there is no one to do better than Xiaomi at such low price.

Therefore, smartband may replace iPod very possibly.  There is no need to upgrade per year.

One more important feature is that as a representative, Xiaomi miband, MI Band 2 , MI band 3 will sell below 200 yuan, $33, and this kind of cost can control well with upgrading feature, like NFC, big screen, GPS, etc.

The first possibility is to upgrade to NFC, which can support different kinds of transportation system payment, although there will face some issues. For example, Meizu MX3 supports NFC, but can’t use. But Huawei honor band with NFC doesn’t have large stock.  Therefore, Xiaomi MI Band 3 will support NFC to use widely which will be big happy breakthrough.

Second, Xiaomi miband 3 will upgrade to bigger screen, but its battery life may reduce.

Third, it will aim at sports, to support GPS. GPS is hard to be built in small smartband, so it will face very big battery life issue.

Therefore, according to this three consideration, Xiaomi MI BAND 3 will not be released this year. But we believe Xiaomi, Huami focus on wearable devices which will create a better MI band 3.


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