Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Review: How Much Upgraded With Same Price


From the 1st generation to the 3rd generation, the function of the Xiaomi Mi Band has gradually improved, and the positioning of the product of the Mi Band has become more and more clear. So by the 4th generation, the goal of the Xiaomi Mi Band is also simpler, that is, to pursue the limit of the Mi Band. An exquisite glass cover color screen, more sensitive sensors, further Bluetooth specifications, and the blessing of artificial intelligence Xiaoai voice. There is no need for restraint, but more breakthroughs. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 brought the Mi Band into the era of color screens in one fell swoop last year. No one could think that the Mi Band could be so amazing. After a lapse of one year, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 was born, and many improvements were made.

Although the color screen is stunning and the blessing of Xiao Ai’s voice has also expanded the dimensions of the bracelet’s operation, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is still not perfect from the design to performance. The arrival of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 makes Xiaomi Mi Band a stronger and more perfect existence.

Counting the many improvements of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, it can be said that all of them have been implemented, and all are pain points.

Let’s start with the most direct screen, the screen of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is further upgraded, the color screen becomes larger, from 0.95 inches to 1.1 inches, the gorgeous effect is more impactful. The dynamic dial that users have been thinking about for a long time has also received official support this time, so they don’t have to work hard to crack it.

In terms of function, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has replaced a brand-new sensor, so that sports health functions can be further enhanced. The heart-to-heart rapid eye movement sleep monitoring, nap monitoring, more exercise modes, and support for PAI values ​​are realized one by one, making Xiaomi Mi Band 5 have a better performance in its own sports health.

In terms of charging, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 finally changed the original cumbersome design. The rice grains do not have to be taken out but adopt the magnetic charging scheme on the back. First, charging is more convenient; second, rice grains do not need to be installed/deducted frequently, which greatly reduces the risk of loose installation and loss of rice grains.

From the point of view of the upgrading of various places, after a round of upgrading and transformation, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has undoubtedly become the closest perfect Mi Band product at present, which can be called the “bucket machine” of the Mi Band industry. Next, let us experience how the “bucket machine” in the Mi Band world really feels.

Design and Appearance

On the packaging, the design of the packaging box of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been changed. The body of the box has become completely black, indicating that the algebraic logo has also become a lot smaller, but it is still in the style of corrugated lines. Take out the body, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 does not change much at first glance, the front uses a 2.5D glass panel and color display, but the size of the screen is larger, from 0.95 inches to 1.1 inches, the display area is increased by 20%, The brightness has also improved, with a maximum brightness of 450nit.

Larger screens will naturally have better dial display effects. This time, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 also uses APP synchronization to select dials in the dial mall for replacement. Up to three custom dials can be stored in the table and then replaced each time. All need APP synchronization.

In addition, the official also announced that Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will support dynamic dials and hundreds of classic IP themed dials, so the number and effects of dials need not be too worried. However, because the author got a beta version of the engineering machine, these contents have not been updated, and currently, only the initial 27 dials can be experienced. On the side, let’s take a look at the slot between the rice grain and the strap. It is obviously different from the previous generation. This generation of the card slot is deeper and has obvious edge design at both ends. The rice grain will be fixed more firmly.

On the bottom, at first glance, the arrangement of the charging contacts and the sensors have not changed much, but their internals has been very different. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 uses a brand-new sensor, which increases the monitoring of nap and can measure breath and pressure. Charging is no longer in the form of a charging base, but a magnetic design. In addition, there is silicon wheat, which is arranged on the side of the rice grain charging contact.

The rice grains can be charged by magnetic suction without dismantling, which avoids the problems of strap aging, loss of rice grains, and loose structure caused by frequent rice grain disassembly. The changes in the strap are basically unchanged, and it is still the classic design of TPU material + aluminum alloy buckle.

In general, from the appearance point of view, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has two huge changes. First, the area of ​​the color screen becomes larger, and second, the design of magnetic charging is added to avoid the trouble of disassembling the rice grains. In terms of sensors, the Mi Band 5 has also been upgraded, but the value of these upgrades will not be reflected until the next functional test.


With the blessing of the new sensor, the function of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has become more powerful. Compared with the previous generation, the heart rate monitoring algorithm of the PPG biosensor of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is further optimized. The data on heart rate monitoring throughout the day is more accurate. The accuracy of sleep monitoring is increased by 40%. Under irregular sports conditions, the heart rate monitoring The accuracy has been improved by as much as 50%.

Therefore, the functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 both in health and sports have been increased. In terms of health, breathing training and stress monitoring have been added, and sleep monitoring has become more detailed and sensitive. Support for a nap and rapid eye movement testing has been added. Even for women, there is an additional feature provided by women’s physiological period prediction.

In terms of sports, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has achieved support for indoor sports for the first time, adding five modes of a rowing machine, yoga, skipping rope, elliptical machine, and indoor cycling. A total of 11 sports modes are supported. Achieve full coverage of multiple scenes in motion.

Health function

Let’s start with the health aspect and experience how the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 functions.

1. Sleep monitoring

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 adds support for nap monitoring and rapid eye movement monitoring, so you can have a more detailed understanding of your sleep status. Siesta and REM sleep monitoring finally get support

After adding support for REM monitoring, the sleep records of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 are much more detailed than before. Users can use REM sleep statistics to understand their sleep status and dream time. In addition, the nap can finally be recorded. Although only the classifications of a deep sleep, light sleep, and sober are supported, this is also enough for a short nap.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will automatically use infrared instead of traditional green light for sleep monitoring at night. This intimate design is also to provide the most comfortable experience without disturbing the user’s sleep at night.

2. Heart rate monitoring

In terms of heart rate monitoring, under the new PPG sensor, the data of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can be more accurate, but due to the lack of reference, it is difficult for us to know how to improve it. Xiaomi Mi Band 5 still supports all-weather heart rate monitoring. At the expense of certain battery life, you can get all-day heart rate changes.

3. PAI value

For the PAI value, users who often understand smart wearable devices are not unfamiliar. It can generate an exclusive health goal for each person based on a person’s age, weight, gender, and other physiological data. Completing this goal every day can greatly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The health goal is expressed graphically with PAI values and is different from the traditional one. It uses pedometer and exercise time to calculate the score. Instead, it combines heart rate sensors, acceleration sensors, etc. to comprehensively record all the movements of the day. Exercise is more fragmented, and the goals are also clearer. It encourages users to exercise more and cultivate healthy habits.

The functions provided by Xiaomi Mi Band5 are more than that. For example, the function of predicting the physiological cycle of women, the pressure detection, and breathing training for white-collar workers are very good, and it is worth a try.

Sports Assist

Since the Mi Band5 does not have GPS, it is necessary for outdoor sports to have a GPS track map to connect to a mobile phone, and the Band is responsible for providing data such as the central rate, pace, cadence, and other data during the exercise process.

Simply experience the exercise mode. During the exercise, the Mi Band will also provide the display of movement information, such as time, walking distance, step count, and other movement information other than the track which will be displayed one by one.

Although the motion trajectory map is drawn using the GPS of the mobile phone, the data such as the pace, distance, and heart rate changes during the exercise are all from Xiaomi Mi Band5. Integrate the mobile phone’s trajectory map with the wristband’s motion data. With the help of Xiaomi, The sports APP can provide us with a panoramic view of a sport, and we can have a further understanding of the state and effect of the sport.

Due to the upgrade of the sensor, Xiaomi Mi Band5 has also added support for 5 indoor sports. Different algorithms will be used to calculate and display data for different sports. For example, when skipping, there will be a parameter for the skipping frequency. , To show the state of the entire moving process.

User Experience

Speaking of daily use experience, I have to talk about the design of the magnetic charging that I added this time.

The original design of the rice grain not only takes into account the firmness but also has the room for replacing the strap. However, the original charging method requires frequent disassembly and assembly of the rice grain, and it will cause damage to the perfect fit between the rice grain and the strap. Long-term use Going down, the rice grains cannot be installed stably, while the rice grains are lost. In addition, it needs a lot of inconveniences to disassemble each charge.

After adopting the magnetic charging design, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 can be said to complement its last regret. At least within the scope of wired charging, magnetic attraction is undoubtedly the best solution to experience.

We are familiar with the many convenient functions of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, but this time, they all came to us in full, and even a few new faces appeared.

As the earliest batch of products that use the NFC function for the Mi Band and realize the functions of the bus card and access control card, the NFC function of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is still powerful. The access control card can be simulated, and even the blank card can be swiped in. The support of the bus card covers almost most areas of the country. This time, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 even introduced support for UnionPay QuickPass (OTA in mid-August), and the Mi Band can also enjoy the thrill of “swipe” like a physical card.

Xiao Ai, who joined in the 4th generation, has also become the exclusive advantage of the Xiaomi Mi Band. Although it relies on the connection with the mobile phone for interaction, the existence of the Mi Band as a similar “sound tube” still brings great convenience. With the help of Xiao Ai, you can control smart home appliances in one sentence, or you can use an oral command to set an alarm clock or countdown, turning complex operations into “one-sentence thing.”

In addition, this time Xiaomi Mi Band5 also added support for remote photography. Although this little function is not so eye-catching, it often has a wonderful effect at a critical moment. After all, you never know when you need to take pictures remotely, and with the Mi Band 5, you can achieve emergency treatment.

There are also some conventional Mi Band functions that will not be elaborated. Message push and weather forecasts have become the standard of the Mi Band.

In terms of battery life, according to official publicity, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 still maintains an excellent tradition of 14 days of battery life, but the actual battery life performance depends more on the user’s usage habits. The author wears it and uses it at a brightness of 3 grids (up to 5 grids). After a night in the middle, and about 1 hour of exercise, automatic heart rate monitoring + auxiliary sleep monitoring is turned on. After 23 hours and 14 minutes, the power is reduced by about 11%. Calculated under the author’s usage habits, the battery life is about 9 days.

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Compared with the evolution of the previous generations, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 may not be the most changed generation. It does more repairs and makes the Mi Band more and more perfect.

The further enlargement of the color screen makes the Mi Band between square inches and has a more brilliant visual display. The support of hundreds of IP linked themes and dynamic dials, and the display effect of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be the most amazing in the Mi Band world.

The blessing of the new sensor also allows Xiaomi Mi Band to leave no regrets in the field of sports and health. You can finally record your nap and finally understand your dream time. With the addition of the predictive function of women’s physiological period and the support of PAI value statistics, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is more excellent in the professional work of the Mi Band and also more professional.

The addition of magnetic charging may be the biggest change in Xiaomi Mi Band5, which greatly reduces the probability of rice grain loss and makes charging more convenient. It only sighs why the magnetic suction cannot come earlier.

The last thing to say is the price. Xiaomi Mi Band5 still has a conscience on the premise of making so many improvements. The price of the NFC version is not increased, and it is still maintained at 229 yuan. It can be said that it is the most recommended one. The price of the standard version is slightly increased. The price came to 189 yuan. Maybe it still has a certain market, but in my, It seems that the difference of only 40 yuan is the benefit of the NFC version.

The “bucket machine” in the Mi Band world is perhaps the most appropriate description of Xiaomi Mi Band 5. It improves the screen, sensors, and charging methods, plus the IP theme of the linkage, the support of UnionPay QuickPay, and the remote control of these dessert levels. The new function of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has become more perfect, still continuing the high-cost performance as always, and will surely become the next explosion.

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