Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Official Confirmation: Explosion has Been Booked!


Huami CEO Huang Wang confirmed at the earnings conference that he is working with Xiaomi to develop the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, which is expected to be released next year. Subsequently, foreign media reported that Xiaomi Mi 5 was more advanced and durable.

At the strategic communication meeting held today, Huang Wang, CEO of Huami Technology, said that the Mi Band 5 is in full swing of research and development.

He emphasized that Huami is still an important member of the Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise and will continue to seek the maximum synergy of business and strategy in the Xiaomi ecosystem. Seek common ground while shelving differences to achieve a win-win situation.

Regarding why he did not participate in the development of the Xiaomi watch project, Huang Wang said that not every Huami Mi wearable product will participate. “Maybe the Xiaomi bracelet is so good, there is a misunderstanding from the outside.”

Huang Wang said that Huami and Xiaomi’s wearable device contract does not exist exclusive and exclusive agreements. The highest priority partner will be selected under the same conditions. The factors to consider are not only technology research and development and product capabilities, but also the profit-sharing ratio, whether data is shared, and different market judgments between the two parties.

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Huang Wang revealed that in 2020, Huami Technology will also have more smart device categories beyond watches and bracelets.

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