Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro Adds Quick Release Strap Design First Time


Xiaomi officially announced that it will launch the newly upgraded Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro at the July 4th conference. For the first time, it uses a square screen, which is larger in size and can display more effective information.

This morning, @Xiaomi Smart Eco Official Weibo warmed up the Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro again, announcing that the device will be equipped with a quick-release strap design, which can be very convenient to remove the upper and lower straps and easily replace different styles.

It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time that the Xiaomi Mi Band has changed the way of disassembly and assembly of the strap since it came out in 2014.  The Mi Band products of the previous 8 years and 7 generations all inherited the original “rice grain” design, which requires vigorous “pulling down” to remove the strap. Even before the 5th generation of the Xiaomi Mi Band, the strap needed to be removed every time it was charged, and magnetic charging was added after the 5th generation.

It can be said that from the 5th generation to the present, the newly added functions such as magnetic charging, large screen, blood oxygen, and other functions of the Xiaomi Mi Band have greatly improved the practicality of the bracelet. The biggest “deformation” in the history of the Xiaomi bracelet! Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro officially announces support for the off-screen display.

This time, the Xiaomi Mi Band7 Pro is also the first time that the product line has introduced the Pro level. The screen size has become the largest in history, and it also supports the screen display, so you can see the time information at a glance, and you no longer have to lift your wrist to brighten the screen.

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On the whole, the Mi Band 7 Pro will be more like a watch, and it can better support the attributes of accessories. It is no longer just a small accessory focused on sports monitoring, which is very worth looking forward to.

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