Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker Offer From Gearbest at $13.99 (Flash Sale)


If there is a company that is experiencing a big boost with quality product launches at affordable prices that is Xiaomi. And in this sense, we already have in the store your latest proposal of Mi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker, which is a wireless speaker via Bluetooth. It is currently available at Gearbest for $13.99 in a Flash Sale.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker For $13.99

It is cylindrical with the driver output on the top and a few controls located at a rather unintuitive location, beneath the speaker. You will also notice a transparent plastic stripe going around the body near the base. That stripe lights up when you power the device on. When you have just turned the speakers on, the stripe will fade in and fade out with red and blue colors alternating. The effect is quite cool and shows that Xiaomi has worked on the operational aesthetics. Once the speaker is paired with your phone or whatever, the fading will stop and become constant.

The Mi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is powered up by a 1300mAh battery that is supposed to last at least 10 to 12 hours as the specifications say. If you use this speaker for an hour or two, you should be good to go for at least a week without charging it.

With the Bluetooth and all other circuitry in one section inside the cylinder, the other half or rather more than half of the volume is dedicated to the driver. According to the specification sheet, the driver can output a maximum of 3W of output power. The driver is nicely seated in a sealed section inside the cylinder. It is held together with some sort of glue and pushed towards the surface with a structure screwed inside. A firmly placed speaker is always a good thing because it will not vibrate and produce distortions. Since the driver is quite small in diameter, I do not expect it to produce bass that well.

The 3W output is quite high and it is enough to vibrate the desk you place it on. That being said, the volume can go way too loud. If you want to create a mini party wherever you go, this speaker should be in your backpack at all times. At higher volume level the bass, mids and the highs seem to be quite okay. But if you lower the volume, the effect of the bass diminishes by some level. There is no muddiness or sparkle at the mids and the highs respectively. The bass remains punchy. On the whole, this speaker produces sufficiently good quality audio required for casual listening.

Buy Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker For $13.99

The Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is currently on offer on Gearbest. You can buy in just $13.99. Mind you that there are only a few of them left in stock right now, so you better hurry.


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