Xiaomi Mi Body Fat Scale in Just $45.99/€39.18 @IBUYGOU Flash Sale (Coupon Deal)


The Xiaomi fat Scale measures more than fat and kilograms. The scale utilizes progressed BIA advancement to investigate diverse essential parameters including body weight, BMI, bone mass, body water, mass, basal retention, muscle to fat extent rate, natural fat level, figure, and body score.

Assessing only 300mm x 300mm x 14.75mm, Xiaomi Smart Body Fat Scale tips the scales at 1.6kg, it is never a weight to hold up under with you on the off chance that you need to tote around on your advancements. Its basic and direct style enables it to mix in splendidly with any perplexing subject in your home.

Simply progress onto the scale and see your weight showed plainly on the LED screen wisely hid underneath the rule board. When you are not utilizing the scale, the screen can’t be viewed as it is limited from the critical board – a superior than normal touch for a smooth and smooth look.

Xiaomi muscle to fat extent scale is unthinkably easy to utilize. Simply download a Xiaomi App Mi-Fit (which is open on iOS and Android stages) – the to a great degree same application utilized with Xiaomi Mi Band 2 – in your remote in the first place, by then match your PDA with the Xiaomi muscle to fat extent scale on the fundamental measure itself by techniques for in the event that you have issue in blending Xiaomi muscle to fat extent scale with your PDA, you can scramble toward How to connect Xiaomi muscle to fat extent scale with Xiaomi App Mi Fit and take after the depicted advances. it is worked for your definitive settlement – no persuading inspiration to swing down to check the outcomes on the LED screen, rather you can see them from the application powerfully.

A large portion of your weight information can be spared in Mi-Fit application, which strengthens securing to 16 specific individuals profiles. This would make the Xiaomi muscle versus fat scale fitting for offering to family and partners.The application will sort your body frame into Obese, Overweight, Thick-set, Lacks work out, Balanced, Balanced solid, Skinny, Balanced thin and Skinny Muscular regarding muscle to fat extent rate and mass.

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