Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro: 108MP Camera Performs Well Against iPhone 11 Pro Max


Lei Jun said, Xiaomi Mi CC 9 Pro positioning: 100 megapixel “camera king”, its configuration can be said to be the most “trench” of today’s mobile phone camera, 100 Megapixels, five-four flash, dual optical stabilization, ten times mixed optical zoom, 50 x digital zoom, 1.5cm micro, Officials say the plane will be officially released on November 5. Recently, Lei Jun tweeted: Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro super night scene experience in the end how? Compare it to the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Look sample, the overall tone brightness is more soft, neon text is clear and readable, color reduction is close to the real. This is the super-night view based on the RAW domain’s non-destructive high actuarial method. Earlier, it was reported that Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro has sent DxOMark, as to whether it will reach the top, Xiaomi product director Wang Teng in the interaction with netizens revealed “efforts.”

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The Xiaomi Mi CC 9 Pro is not only a 100-megapixel camera, but is also a leader in the flagship phone. From the information published on the Internet, Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro using water droplet supreper shimiphoto screen design, CPU main frequency of 2.2GHz, with 12GB plus 256GB memory combination, equipped with 5260mAh bar fast-charging battery, comparable to charging treasure level of power, can fully cope with the need for long-term photo.

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