Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Selling At $120 OFF + Original Battery Offer


At iGeekPhone.com we try to bring attention of our users to the best deals lying out there on various websites. We promise to deliver best of deals and coupons, today we have a mind numbing deal on the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K on Tomtop.com. We have also included an extra Battery deal for the Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K so that you can enjoy your joy ride for an extended period.

To brush up some information about the Mi Drone is a quadcopter from Xiaomi and as we know Xiaomi tries to deliver the best of may it be smartphones, gadgets or accessories, Mi Drone is also one of the best drones out there. It comes in all white gorgeous design with a lot of curves and some powerful interiors. The drone also has a gimbal camera capable of shooting in 4K.

To brush up the specs of the drone it is powered by 4 intensive rotors giving you a  maximum ascent speed of 6m/s. It can also achieve a max speed of 18m/s making it a very swift in action. The drone has a wind resistance classification of 4 the curvy design helps here. Also it can hover at a maximum height of 120m above sea level and works a frequency of 5725Mhz – 5850Mhz.

Further it has Gimbal camera with 4K shooting capability which is always a plus. The controllable range is pitch : -90º to 0 with prescision of 0.02º.  Talking about the camera you get a 12.4MP 1/2.3″ CMOS sensor with FOV 94º at f/2.8 and focal length of 3.7mm/ It has an ISO range of 100-3200 for video and 100-1600 for photos. We can shot 4k at 30fps nand 2k at 60fps.

Now turning our attention towards the battery it has a 15.2V 5100mAh battery that can give you a flight time of about 27 mins. The battery is of LiPo 4S type and has energy rating of 77.52Wh. The Battery also LED indicators for status and remaining power indicator. It comes packed with integrated power management and balanced charging capability. The battery is designed such that it is easily swappable in its slot.

Now the Xiaomi Mi Drone is available for just $585 but using our coupon code : HTYCCXM You can get whopping $126 off reducing the price to just $459.00 only !  If you from EU, you can enjoy price drop directly at $459.99 for Tomtop RC Month deal. You might want to hurry because last time I checked only 16 hrs were left on the sale clock. As for the Xiaomi MI Drone 4K  Battery you can order it here and by using our coupon code : HLTDCXMX you can get it for a Special Price of : $69.99 only which calculates to a 15% off.


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