Xiaomi Mi Home Driving Recorder 1S/Walkie-Talkie 1S Ready For Sale


Xiaomi Ecological Chain launched an iterative upgrade version of two-star products, namely Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S and Xiaomi Mijia Intercom 1S. Both products have not been upgraded in the previous generation, and the price remains the same, still maintaining the high-cost performance style of Xiaomi.

In addition, the new Xiaomi Mijia driving recorder 1S also adds local voice control function, and common operations such as taking photos and videos can be controlled by voice, which greatly enhances the daily user experience. Xiaomi Mi home walkie-talkie 1S has been introduced, let’s look at the Xiaomi Mi home driving recorder 1S.

Xiaomi Mijia driving recorder 1S body uses lightweight aluminum, an integrated molding process, large lens design, using a 3-inch IPS screen, compared to the previous generation in the screen material upgrade, the screen display is more clear. Xiaomi Mi Home Driving Recorder 1S still uses a combination of high-temperature resistant glue and electrostatic paste. The equipment is fixed by high-temperature resistant glue. It is still firm and does not fall in the car after summer exposure.

Compared with the first generation product, Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S has been upgraded on the image sensor, equipped with Sony IMX307 starlight night vision sensor, with F1.8 large aperture, which ensures sufficient light input, even under low illumination. The license plate can be taken at night. 140° wide wide-angle lens that covers three lanes. In addition, Xiaomi Mijia Driving Recorder 1S is also equipped with SigmaStar image processing chip, with full HD (1080P) image processing technology, with high-fidelity H.264 video encoding storage compression, making the recorded video picture clear and delicate, 3D noise reduction can be divided Noise in the dark state enhances nighttime detail.

The new product also supports the function of parking monitoring. When the vehicle is turned off, the recorder enters the parking monitoring mode, and the acceleration sensor will continuously monitor the vehicle status. During the monitoring period, the emergency record images will be stored separately, avoiding the situation of circulating video coverage, providing effective evidence for traffic accidents, bumping, etc., and restoring the truth. Open the Mijia APP to connect to the driving recorder Wi-Fi, you can view the shooting picture in real time, view the historical image, and download the video to the phone local, without consuming the SIM card traffic of the mobile phone.

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In terms of price, Xiaomi’s home driving recorder 1S is still 349 yuan ($50.43), which can be said that the increase does not increase the price. This product will be on sale on October 16th at Xiaomi.com/Xiaomi/Tmall/Jingdong/Suning/Xiaomi. Interested users may wish to pay attention.

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