Xiaomi Mi home Photo Printer Review: High-Definition Color Photos Anytime in Just $149.99


The Xiaomi Mi Home Photo Printer market is far less intense than the mobile phone competition, and the iteration speed of photo printers is slower. Among them, the reason is that the manufacturers of photo printers are relatively few, mainly based on Canon, HP, Epson and so on.

On the other hand, photo printers are relatively expensive, and full-featured photo printers are relatively large, making them very inconvenient to use and carry. Therefore, the needs of individuals and home users are small.  However, with the development of technology, many people are increasingly demanding photo printers, not only need to print ordinary photos, but also want to print passport photos, visa photos, etc., so the demand for small photo printers for individuals and home users is increasing.

At present, many printer manufacturers in the market have also introduced a lot of mini photo printers, but either the function is single, only ordinary photos can be printed, or the printed photos are small in size, poor in quality, and short in storage time. Xiaomi’s recently launched Mijia photo printer can solve these problems. At the same time, this is the first time that the Xiaomi eco-chain has been involved in the printing field.

The printer adopts sublimation printing technology, which can realize 256-level color scale complete output presentation. When printing, it can print the ribbon fuel on the surface of the photo paper through the temperature control of the print head. The printing is more stable and the printing resolution is up to 300X300dpi. It is also clearer. On December 19, 2018, Mijia Photo Printer officially opened crowdfunding. During the crowdfunding period, it sold for 499 yuan and presented a box of color photo paper sets.

In the two hours when the Mijia photo printer started crowdfunding, the number exceeded 10,000, and the crowdfunding amount exceeded 5 million. It can be seen that most people have a great demand for photo printers. What are the specific functions and practical experiences of this Mijia photo printer? Let’s take a look at it.


The size of the box is three times that of the mobile phone case. The overall color is white. It has an integrated design. The front side is printed with the appearance picture of the printer. The upper right corner is the logo of Xiaomi and Mijia, indicating that this product can also be operated through the Mijia APP.

During the crowdfunding period, a color photo paper set worth 59 yuan will be presented with the printer host. The set contains ribbons and 40 sheets of paper, and the average price for printing a photo is about $1.50.

The paper size is 6 inches, the specific size is 100X148mm. It is a special photo paper for Mijia photo printer, which needs to be purchased at Xiaomi Mall. The photographic paper surface has been treated with a bright finish to make the printed photos more beautiful. The Mijia photo printer host is white, the size and the router are equivalent. On the side of the main unit, there are photo outlets and 655 independent cooling holes with different calibers to ensure the thermal performance of the printer. In addition, a DC power connector is provided in the lower right corner.

In the lower left corner of the printer, there is a circular power switch. Once the power is connected, the printer can be turned on or off with a short press. If you want to reset the printer, just press and hold. There are three indicator lights on the bottom of the switch, which are the indicator lights. When the power is turned on, the indicator light is on. When working, the indicator light starts to flash. If the printer is not used for a long time, it will become a breathing state.

Wi-Fi indicator, when the indicator is orange and flashing, it means there is no device connected A blue flashing status indicates that a connection is being made to the device. Keep the blue steady state, indicating that the device is connected successfully. Fault indicator, when the indicator is off, the printer is working properly. When it flashes, the device is faulty.

This is the ribbon of the Mijia photo printer, which is equivalent to the cartridge of a normal printer. The new ribbon prints 40 photos at a time. The ribbon uses a high-density dye that restores a wide color gamut, making the photo more detailed in detail. There is a special position on the right side of the printer to install the ribbon. Just open the ribbon compartment door and press the red button to automatically eject the ribbon. It can be easily replaced in three steps. On the front side of the printer, there is an interface for installing printing paper. When not in use, the paper box door at the paper interface can be closed, which not only ensures the overall beauty of the printer but also has the function of dustproof.

The paper tray for storing paper is in a clamshell design, which is slightly larger than the 6-inch paper. Just install the paper and simply open the paper tray and load the paper. And the carton is separated from the printer main frame for easy storage and carrying. A 24V/1.6A power adapter is included in the box and requires a printer to be connected.


At present, many photo printers on the market have great limitations in device connection and practical operation, and the Mijia photo printer has a variety of printing methods, which can be printed not only through the Mijia App and AirPrint, but also on the computer.

In addition, if you see good-looking photos in the circle of friends, you can also print directly through the WeChat applet. It also supports multi-person remote printing, even if the printer is not around.

Operation Experience

256 levels of color are perfect! Mi home photo printer evaluation: high-definition color photos at any time. First, make sure the printer is turned on, let the Mijia photo printer be located near the mobile phone, then open the Mijia App, and also need to open the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, it will automatically search for the device, and you can choose to manually add the device. Then follow the steps to complete the binding. It should be noted that the above operations are all performed while Wi-Fi is connected. If the network is not good, it will add slowly, or even add failure.

After the binding is complete, you can enter the main page of the photo printer. The main page is very simple, the main functions are clear at a glance, with photo printing, ID photo printing, and photo paper purchase links. In addition, you can select the built-in picture editing function when printing photos, add a border to the picture, adjust the color of the picture through the filter, and adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.

Another function of the Mijia photo printer is to print a photo of the ID card. It can print not only regular one-inch and two-inch pictures, but also the visa photos of various countries. The size of each photo ID has been set in advance when printing. Add to. Mijia photo printer can also be used for printing by multiple people. It can be shared with Xiaomi account and family. It is more convenient to share it with WeChat friends. You only need to open the shared link to print photos, eliminating the need to add printer devices and configure the printer network. trouble.

Even if you don’t use the Mijia App, you can print photos through the WeChat applet. Use WeChat to scan, scan the WeChat small program code on the inside of the tray door, use the Xiaomi account to log in, you can print photos through the applet. However, in our experience, we found that when printing via WeChat applet, there is currently no function to print a photo ID. In addition, the function of printing WeChat chat photos is not open, only the photos in the phone can be printed.

In addition to operating the Mijia photo printer on your mobile phone, you can also print photos from your computer. For the Win10 system, you need to open the computer settings first and find the “Device” function option. Open “Device”, select “Printer and Scanner”, find “Mi Wireless Photo Printer” by searching, and select “Add Device” directly.

When printing on the computer side, similar to other printer operations, you can open the picture directly, select the print button in the upper right corner, select the Mijia photo printer device, and print directly. Unlike the mobile phone, it is not possible to add a filter to the image when printing from a computer to modify the saturation.


The speed of photo printing is also one of the important experiences of the printer. According to the official introduction, the Mijia photo printer can print a photo on average 58 s. Let’s try to print a photo. When you select a photo to start printing, the power indicator will begin to flash until the end of the print job. In addition, when selecting photo printing, if the photo pixel is lower than 1400X960px, the printed photo may actually be slightly worse, so make sure that the pixels of the photo are not too low when printing.

Mijia photo printer adopts sublimation printing technology, which requires three times of printing back and forth. Finally, it needs to be coated once. From pressing the printing button to finishing printing, the whole process takes about one minute, and the efficiency is not bad. During the printing process, the mobile terminal can display the progress of photo printing in real time, and can also view the printer queue. Also, if you feel unsatisfied, you can immediately cancel the photo being printed.

The surface of the printed photo has been coated to prevent the photo from fading, and it is dust-proof, water-repellent and anti-fingerprint. Therefore, the color of the photo can also be saved for a longer period of time. Mijia photo printer supports a maximum print resolution of 300*300 dpi and has 256 levels of color. We take the printed photo and compare it with the original image. It is also very clear in some details, even if it is particularly bright. Pictures can also restore color very well.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer is mainly aimed at the user group and the family, so it is completely different in appearance from the traditional bloated photo printer, but it is more compact and uses almost no place.

In the structural design, the main unit and the carton are separated, and it is convenient to store and carry at ordinary times. The ribbon can be ejected automatically and can be easily replaced in just 3 steps. In addition, there is a warehouse door at each interface on the side of the main unit, which is not only beautiful but also dustproof. When printing photos, it supports multiple devices to print, can be printed directly through the mobile app, and can also be operated on the computer side, while also supporting multi-person remote printing. In addition, you can print a photo of your ID. This greatly enriched the use of the Mijia photo printer.

In addition, the printed photo has been film-coated without the need for a separate plastic seal. It can be dust-proof, waterproof and anti-fingerprint, and it is not easy to fade and saves for a long time. However, there are also some shortcomings in the Mijia photo printer. For example, the WeChat small program cannot print the ID photo. The WeChat chat photo printing function has not been opened yet. The printing paper and ribbon can only be purchased through Xiaomi. These problems will definitely be solved in the future.

In general, the Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer has reduced its size under the premise of ensuring complete functions, plus the ultra-low crowdfunding price of 499 yuan, which is the best choice for personal and family printing photos.

You Can Buy Xiaomi Mijia photo printer On Gearbest On Pre-Order For Just $149.99. and Xiaomi Mijia 6 inch Photo Paper Ink Ribbon 40 Sheets at $25.99.

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