Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ear Earphone And Xiaomi CXB6-1QM 6-outlet Power Strip Flash included Coupon


company Xiaomi released a new interesting device – Mi Power Strip 6 Socket. In fact it is a classic power strip for power, but it also supports USB-ports and current 2A them. Thus, such a device is useful for modern people who want to quickly charge all your gadgets and lots of wires and The new Mi Earphones adopts the coolest hybrid technology which is the combination of one dynamic driver and two-way balanced-armature (BA) drivers, and their relative position to each other in the housing, allowed us to develop the smallest three-way in-earphones that offer a true reference-quality sound. The balanced-armature will be handling on high frequency audio while dynamic driver will handle the low frequency audio thus providing a more 3D surround effect.

Original Xiaomi Outlet Power Strip 6 Charging Ports

Powerstrips and extension cords have stayed relatively the same for decades. The idea has been simple since their inception – create a way to extend a power socket and allow multiple devices to plug in at the same time. Over the years companies have added fuses and surge protection to powerstrips, but the idea has stayed the same. Xiaomi has seen fit to improve the humble extension cord by adding a couple of new features to it that gadgets of today demand. The Mi Powerstrip has 6 power sockets and 3 USB ports. Having USB ports directly on the power strip allows consumers to simply plug in their USB cables directly without needing to use a separate charger which is a HUGE thing, especially when you can’t find said charger for your phone/tablet or whatever device that need juiced up. When all three are active, On the inside, the terminals are made out of Phosphor bronze while the connecting bars are made of copper. The outer case is made of fire-resistant material which can withstand up to 750 degrees Celsius of heat. It has round anti slip rubber on the bottom to prevent slippage. Of course, the Mi Powerstrip isn’t a proper powerstrip if it didn’t come features that all comparable high-end powerstrips do.

Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid Dual Drivers Earphones

Mi Earphone coolest adopt hybrid technology is a combination of a dynamic driver and two-way balanced-armature (BA) driver, and their relative positions to each other in the housing, allowing us to develop the smallest of three ways -earphones which offers voice referensi- true quality. Balanced-armature will handle the high frequency audio while dynamic driver will handle low frequency audio thus providing more 3D surround effects. Hybrid name derived from the specific configuration of the speaker inside, which provides a dynamic driver and two dual balanced armature driver.The two designs are offset from one another, the dynamic drivers of course best suited to handle the bass, while the balanced armature, which moves air to produce sound, will take care of high and medium.

Excellent Audio Quality
The microphone has a high SNR of 58dB, noise cancellation whether the show you will have a better call quality. You do not need to place the microphone close to your mouth and speak for the hard times. The microphone on the earphones are designed closer to the face. This earphone is composed of Kevlar high tensile strength synthetic fiber which is used mainly as a reinforcing agent in the manufacture of tires and other rubber products and protective gear such as helmets and vests. Just like other Mi Earphone, you will be provided three sixes XS, S and L ear tips. We use soft material so your ears feel comfortable though listening for a long period.


Overall, the Xiaomi CXB6 – 1QM 6-outlet Power Strip handy at home, and perfectly at home. At home you can charge all your devices with one socket, When traveling, you can watch these adapters at home and can also charge foreign products. The Xiaomi socket for $20.99 After using our Coupon Code LTSTH3222, including shipping And here it is, the Xiaomi Mi IV Hybrid In-Ear Earphone and I believe these could be the best earphones in $13.99 after using our coupon code HYBRIDH. They come in a premium packaging with a nice travel case, a premium-looking pouch and different sizes of earbuds.


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