Xiaomi Mi LEX, Mi Mix 3 Exposure! Have Exclusive Love Left Side Physical Button


Xiaomi officially announced that it will release a new slide camera in October. It is said that it will be Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 mobile phone, but some people say that Xiaomi will launch a Xiaomi Mi LEX mobile phone. Now there are an IT home peoples who said that he received a screenshot of the MIUI robot release, but was quickly withdrawn. It is suspected that the Xiaomi Mi LEX and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 mobile phones will have exclusive small love buttons.

This button is the physical button of Xiaomi’s own voice assistant, Xiao Ai. It can be seen from the figure that you can wake up the little love classmates through the click operation of this physical button, and even customize any function. This is another weapon for Xiaomi, which has a perfect layout of the smart home.

If the new function key is a surprise, then the star text in the picture is a bomb-level broke, ” Little love button currently only supports Xiaomi Mi LEX and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 “. The well-received full-screen flagship new phone Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 will also release a new series – LEX. If Mi MIX 3 is a regular upgrade configuration and increases the screen share, then the slide mystery new phone that Weibo was exposed before is very likely to be the upcoming LEX series.

Before the slider machine was officially exposed, the peoples who liked the simple design and paid attention to the integration of the whole machine worried that the expected Mi MIX 3 would lose his original design style, but the arrival of the new series also dispelled this concern.

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The two product lines of the minimalist and mechanical design are undoubtedly not a wise move. Regarding this very mysterious Xiaomi Mi LEX, some netizens said that it may be a low-cost version, and it is matched with Xiaomi Mi MIX 3. October is coming soon, I hope Xiaomi can give us a big surprise.

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