Xiaomi MI MAX 2 Will Be Released in May to Replace Xiaomi MI6 Plus


Previously, Xiaomi MI6 should not have only one version, besides Xiaomi MI6, there will have Xiaomi MI6 Plus smartphone, but according to a famous news blogger, Xiaomi MI6 Plus has been cancelled. But there is the other good news that Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will be released.

Xiaomi MAX series will be the large screen style, currently, besides the advantage of 6 inch large screen, Xiaomi MI MAX was released for sometime, recently, there is more and more news about Xiaomi MI MAX 2. And the renderings of Xiaomi MI MAX 2 has once been unveiled, from the picture, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will still continue its previous design, but optimizing in some details.

Compared with previous Xiaomi MI MAX, MI MAX 2 will have some changes. In design image, its back adopts antenna design, the nano molding metal unibody makes its quality superior, the curved design is larger, and the better touching feel will be obvious. Meanwhile, we can see the top has infrared remote control, and it keeps 3.5mm earphone jack, adopting USB Type C port and fingerprint scanner on the back.

The reason why Xiaomi MI MAX 2 hasn’t been released with Xiaomi MI6 is to wait for Snapdragon 660 release. If there is no problem, Xiaomi MI MAX  will use Snapdragon 660 processor, which is the top level in mid-range CPU field. And it will use RAM 4GB ROM 128GB internal storage, as for price, Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will sell at 1,699 yuan, $320 possibly. So this kind of price will still have advantages in large screen smartphones.


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