Xiaomi MI MAX 2 with Snapdragon 626 and 6.4 inch Has Listed on Tmall


Xiaomi MI MAX has been released about one year, we believe most users who love large screen smartphone will expect Xiaomi MI MAX 2 very much. When we are waiting for it with Xiaomi MI6, but finally we have seen Xiaomi MI6, no Xiaomi MI MAX 2.

The photo is rumored to be the real photos of Xiaomi MI MAX 2, in terms of this photo, compared with Xiaomi MI MAX, there are some changes like back antenna design, USB Type C port. Right now there is a shop on Tmall which has started to sell Xiaomi MI MAX 2 phone case. According to their photos, the back design is similar to the rendering leaked before, but the LED light shape is a little different. So it is very likely to be the real photos of Xiaomi MI MAX 2. From the front design, it has changed a lot, the main difference is that the virtual home button has become a little circle.

According to GFXBench, Xiaomi Oxygen should be Xiaomi MI MAX 2, It shows that Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will have 6.4 inch 1080P screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution, powered by Snapdragon 626 processor, RAM 4GB ROM 128GB internal storage, running Android7.1.1 MIUI OS.

Xiaomi MI MAX sells at 1,799 yuan, now, we believe Xiaomi MI MAX 2 will control its price within 1899 yuan, $483. What do you think?


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