Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Vs Honor Note 10 Review: Which Smartphone Is Better


Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Honor Note 10 were released In July. Their core features include oversized screens and large capacity batteries, but there are still many differences. Now, we have already got both Smartphones, let’s take a look at the comparison between them.


In the case of Notch’s trend sweeping the world, Mi Max 3 and Honor Note 10 still use a full-screen design with a narrow forehead chin, which has a screen ratio of 85% and 87% respectively. From the perspective of positive visual effects, the difference between the two is not very large.

On the back of the fuselage, the rear dual cameras are arranged vertically on both Smartphones. However, the Mi Max 3 uses a very common design in the Xiaomi mobile phone product line. The two cameras are combined with the centered mounted flash.

The Mi Max 3 is made of metal, with U-shaped antenna strips on the upper and lower ends of the fuselage; the Honor Note 10 is a 2.5D glass body. In terms of our personal vision, the Honor Note 10 is even better.

The Mi Max 3 has a body weight of 221g and a thickness of 7.99mm, while the Honor Note 10 weighs 230g and has a thickness of 7.65mm. Both of these products are heavier than ordinary mobile phones, and they are heavy on their hands. Mi Max 3 has been narrowed on both sides and looks thinner. In fact, it is slightly thicker than Honor Note 10. In terms of feel, the Honor Note 10 will be slightly better, and the border of the Xiaomi Max 3 is slightly cut.


Xiaomi Max 3 and Honor Note 10 are two products with very different positioning. The former is at the price below 2000 yuan, mainly in the mid-end market; the latter starts at a price close to 3000 yuan, positioning the flagship. Therefore, in terms of processors, the performance gap between the Snapdragon 636 and the Kirin 970 is relatively large.

In the Antutu benchmark, the score of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is 118749, and the Honor Note 10 is 207101. The difference is very obvious. In terms of GPU sub-items, the gap has further widened, with Mi Max 3 achieving 21168 and Honor Note 10 get 75565.

Of course, the benchmarks score is only a theoretical value, and the performance gap will ultimately be reflected in the actual experience. Survival in the Jedi: In the battlefield, the Mi Max 3 quality can only be opened to HD, and the frame number can only be set to high. In actual operation, the maximum frame rate is only 30 frames.

Glory Note 10, Xiaomi Max 3 comparison evaluation: Which screen is the giant screen mobile phone?

However, thanks to the low power consumption and low heat generation of Snapdragon 636, it has performed quite well in terms of continuous output of performance. The mobile phone basically does not generate heat and the frame rate is relatively stable.

Thanks to the support of Kirin 970 processor, CPU Turbo, and GPU Turbo technology, when playing the exciting battlefield in the Honor Note 10, the picture quality can be set to HDR HD, and the number of frames under smooth quality can be set to 60 frames. Honor Note 10 also added THE NINE liquid cooling technology to ensure the stability of the phone’s performance output.

Glory Note 10, Xiaomi Max 3 comparison evaluation: Which screen is the giant screen mobile phone?

From the actual experience, Honor Note 10 is very smooth while game test, basically no frame drop situation, the picture smoothness is better than the Mi Max 3.


The camera specification of Mi Max 3 is basically the same as Redmi Note 5. It is a typical Mid-range Smartphone configuration. The rear dual camera combination is 12MP + 5MP, the main camera area is 1.4μm, f/1.9 aperture, and Dual PD dual core is supported. Focus. The Honor Note 10’s rear dual camera is a 24MP + 12MP combination, the main camera f/1.8 aperture. In addition, the addition of the AI algorithm is also a major feature of the Honor’ Smartphone camera.

Let’s take a look at the camera sample during the day. This sample of the building and trees shot by Mi Max 3 is very high in resolution and true in color reproduction. However, the color layering of the sky part did not show up.

In the same scene, the sample of Honor Note 10 is very different. In terms of color, it is more pleasing to the eye, the color of the plant is very bright, and it looks very comfortable at first sight. The overall brightness of the picture has also improved while maintaining high resolution. In the sky, the color transition will be more natural.

Of course, it’s too bold in color training, and sometimes it’s overturned. In the following sample, by the Mi Max 3, the color reduction of the green leaves is very good, but the petals color is too low.

Honor Note 10 restores the color of the petals more accurately, but the color of the green leaves is somewhat overdone.

In the nighttime environment, Honor Note 10 performs better, with higher brightness and richer details.

But in general, the Honor Note 10’s daytime photography is better than the Xiaomi Mi Max 3. The photos taken by Honor Note 10 can be directly sent to the circle of friends, and the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 may be processed again with the retouching APP.

Battery and charging

The battery capacity of Mi Max 3 is 5500mAh, and the Honor Note 10 is 5000mAh, which belongs to the Big Mac level in mobile phone products.

We also use the test method of continuously playing online video, the screen brightness is adjusted to half of the manual, the volume is half when the headphones are plugged in, and the 1080P video of the B station is played. Mi Max 3 plays 1 hour video power consumption 8% and Honor Note 10 consumes 13%.

In terms of charging, Xiaomi Max 3 supports 18W fast charging, and Honor Note 10 supports 22.5W fast charging. Xiaomi Mi Max 3: It takes 2 hours and 20 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%, and 29% from 0 and Honor Note 10: It takes 1 hour and 50 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%, and 50% from 0 to get 42% of electricity.


The emergence of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Honor Note 10 has satisfied everyone’s demand for the giant screen and long battery life. However, their market positioning is actually very different. At present, the starting price of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is 1699 yuan, and the Honor Note 10 is 2799 yuan. Overall, Honor Note 10 is more satisfying in terms of performance, camera and appearance. It is a flagship product with a large screen version. If you like to take pictures and play big games every day, then Honor Note 10 is better.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 is an enhanced version of mid-renge Smartphone, performance, appearance, and camera are relatively moderate, not too bad, but there is still a gap with high-end products. Of course, as a large-screen, long-life entertainment video phone, it is qualified. After all, not everyone has such high performance requirements for mobile phones, and a longer battery life is more practical. So, which one would you choose between Xiaomi Mi Max 3 and Honor Note 10?

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