Xiaomi Mi Mijia Electric Water Kettles Support Mobile Control Available on Incredible Price at @LIGHINTHEBOX


Work takes the most of your life, do not even find the time to stop. Find the second for yourself. Drink a glass of water in the morning to help the brain to recover from sleep, fill up the water balance and run the body. In addition, a cup of warm water will help improve the work of the stomach and intestines, improve metabolism.With the Xiaomi MiJia Smart Home Kettle, you can warm yourself a cup of water every day to warm your heart, improve your body’s processes, increase blood circulation, and help reduce spasms and pain.

Made of stainless steel, it has a capacity of 1.5 liters and stands out, above all, for the possibility of keeping water (or milk) at the desired temperature for 12 hours. We can even schedule an hour of ignition.

This can be very useful to have hot milk for our coffee when we wake up or in an office, we can have hot water or milk throughout our workday to make tea or coffee.

You have to connect the kettle to your phone via Bluetooth using the Mi Home app. The main smart feature is that the kettle has a built-in temperature control up to 12 h. Within the app, you can select e.g. that you want to keep the temperature of the water at 80 degrees from 1 to 12 hours.

There are 2 touch-capacitive buttons on the handle, the first one is to boil water and the second one is to keep the temperature at a preset degree. You can see that there is a thermal sensor on the bottom of the tank to measure the temperature. The kettle can keep the water at that temperature for up to 12 hours. Everything can be set up in the Mi Home app. There are some preset profiles, for instance, tea, coffee or baby formula.


The kettle can be operated with a smartphone application – the final temperature of the water and the level of heat the kettle can maintain, Ability to maintain constant water temperature up to 12h after boiling, 304 stainless steel inner layer – full corrosion resistance and much better maintenance of water heat, Safety system to protect against short circuits and electric shock, Boil dry system – the kettle switches off automatically when there is no water in it, 1.5 liter capacity, Rotating base of the kettle – comfortable use and no damage, Automatic shut off of power supply in case of any problems, Kettle flap opening at 80 degrees – easy maintenance of the interior of the machine, Thermostat made by British company Strix, and high temperature sensors by Japanese specialists from Shibaura, Modern, trendy exterior design that fits any room decor.


The Xiaomi MiJia Electric Water Kettle is just a little more expensive than an ordinary kettle. The smart features are not convincing enough but you might just love it for its design and safety features. Besides, if you need to keep water hot throughout the day, this is absolutely a better choice. Xiaomi MiJia Electric Water Kettle Available at LIGHTINTHEBOX at just $55.85.I Hope you like this deal, You want to take good appliances at you home, Take Care.


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