Xiaomi MI MIUI New Photo Album App Exposed


Xiaomi has been conducting the private testing of the new photo album App, and the application has now been completed. Today, MIUI product director, MIUI experience responsible person @MIUI Xiaofan released on Weibo, showing the upcoming MIUI album performance upgrade, and announced the new and old version of the video comparison.

Xiao Fan said that the new album App has greatly improved performance and fluency, response time, frame rate, high frequency operation and so on have been greatly improved.

The official comparison video uses a Mi 11 phone to demonstrate. After importing a large number of photos through one-button switch, the album before optimization  opened for the first time and took a lot of time to load. The optimized album opens almost in seconds, and the thumbnails appear immediately.

In terms of video cover preview, when a large number of videos are opened, the optimized album will load thumbnails one by one at a speed visible to the naked eye, while the optimized App will immediately display the preview of all the videos after being opened.

In terms of photo deletion alone and batch deletion, the new album can be deleted immediately after clicking the delete button, while the album before optimization has a certain time delay. When deleting an album containing a large number of photos, it will take about 10 seconds for the old version of the App to completely delete the album after clicking the delete button, and the subsequent album can be automatically filled. The new version of the optimized album has been deleted in seconds. When emptying the recycle bin, the new album can be completely emptied at once, without the naked eye can see the process of deleting one item at a time.

The video shows the new function of MIUI’s new album App. Users can customize the cover photos of different albums to make it easier to identify, so that it is difficult to find different covers after each update of the album content.

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Miui Xiaofan said that the new album APP is still in continuous optimization, and the new album will be gradually upgraded into the OTA system in the future. The progress of the album will be synchronized to you in the Mi community as soon as possible.


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