Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Tear Down Review Everything You Need To Know


Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi releases the Mi Mix last year in Beijing University of Technology. It was a device that was not leaked at all – which is a pretty tough thing to do these days with the internet being the internet. And the company is recently released the Mi MIX 2 with its sequel to the bezel-less smartphone. All the while, the company has been quietly preparing the Mi Mix 2, a successor to its iconic handset. And it not only feel more comfortable, the use of experience is also closer to a normal mobile phone.

So, how does Mi-do that? Take a look at GeekBar to bring the real Mobile disassembling.

MIX release can be described as skilled Yan four, the phone can actually be made like this.

New material – ceramic Fuselage vision, touch very stunning More amazing is the piece of a comprehensive screen MIX release more aroused everyone’s expectations for the future of mobile phones This year Mi updated MIX second generation.

Out of the box

Pure black box, bronzing MIX, looked very expensive gas.

Open the box cover, a cardboard block, the above is still bronzing printing, still, holds partly concealed.

After opening the card, do test MIX2 main body, the right side of the data line, charger, also comes with a mobile phone shell.


Ceramic back cover like a mirror, compared to the glass painted black, texture greatly improved.

Like the head protruding back cover about 1 mm, and good in this picture with 18K gold-plated, in the back of the ceramic back cover is not very abrupt.

MIX2 the border is not used with a generation of ceramics, the use of 7 series aluminum alloy to ensure the strength of the whole Mobile. The border design is very round, not like a generation of disposable.

Full screen 2.0

As a full-screen concept of the proposed, MIX2 compared to a generation from 6.44 inches, reduced to 5.99 inches, the ratio reached 18: 9, one hand grip better comfort.

But MIX2 screen black border + metal border, it seems no sense of a strong sense of impact.

At the top of the screen, the handset returns, using a conventional diaphragm speaker, and the experience is the same as that of an ordinary Mobile.

Full screen under the APP interface, more than the average screen display, due to the use of 18: 9, some software will not fit the black edge.

Fingerprint, the beginning is not used to, has been met the camera ring, the official comes with a mobile phone shell, to improve a lot.

Disassembling Process

1, shut down Mobile

  • The back cover is secured with snap and stickers

2, use the suction cup to open the back cover

3, the use of pry open, open separation stickers, open the back cover

The fingerprint sensor is fixed to the motherboard and connected to the motherboard via cable.

4, remove 10 baffle fixing screws to Upper Side.

5, remove the baffle

Baffle not only play a fixed role in the motherboard, the baffle also has flash, handset connection contacts. While the baffle acts as a radio frequency antenna.

6, disconnect the fingerprint cable, you can remove the back cover

  • MIX2 back cover
  • Ceramic material back cover, work is very sophisticated
  • NFC antenna & fingerprint module integrated into the back cover
  • The back cover is also affixed with a thermal sticker, which is fixed by stickers and buckles with the middle frame

  • Three-stage design
  • Motherboard – Battery – Subplate
  • Overall look is very neat, no clutter cable

7, disconnect the motherboard wiring cable, remove a motherboard fixing screw

8, remove the motherboard

  • MIX2 motherboard
  • The motherboard is dark brown and the surface covers the metal shield

9, remove the seven sound fixed screws to bottom side

10, remove the sound cavity, there is a radio frequency coaxial line in the sound cavity

  • MIX2 sound cavity
  • The radio field is printed with radio frequency antenna

11, disconnect the motherboard on the motherboard wiring cable and breathing light cable

12, remove the sub-board

  • MIX2 board
  • Type-C interface integrated into the sub-board?

13, out of the battery easy to pull plastic, remove the battery

  • MIX2 battery
  • Battery capacity 3300mAh, Scud electronic OEM

MIX2 screen fixed in the box, the box did not use the ceramic material, switch to the metal material, easy to mass production, while the cost of control. MIX2 in the box design is more rounded, good grip, but the border is slightly thicker, look full width of the black screen slightly wide.

Motherboard Component Layout & Introduction

Board A side

Board B side

Mi MIX2 hardware configuration enough flagship Snapdragon 835 processor and 6 GB ram shipped, 64GB / 128GB / 256GB UFS2.1 ROM are the highest configuration of Andriod.PM8998 & PMI8998 dual power management chip power supply, SMB1381 is Qualcomm currently the highest order charge chip, support 9V 2A fast charge.WI-FI chip using WCN3990, support 2 * 2MU-MIMO, Bluetooth 5.0 and other advanced technology.
All Netcom, to support the vast majority of countries of the 4G band, which RF circuit design requirements are harsh.

Disassembling the report

  1. MIX2 ceramic material back cover, the texture is very strong.
  2. RF antenna & NFC coil integration of the upper protective cover, the use of contact connections Due to the support of many frequency bands, the antenna design is slightly complicated.
  3. The internal structure of the motherboard – battery – sub-plate three-stage design, most of the mobile phone with such a design structure, conducive to research and development and repair.
  4. The box for the metal material and the screen module backplane integrated design. The box is rounded, and the screen borders the screen. The box has four breakpoints, the injection molding process, and the top and bottom are radio frequency antennas.
  5. The main camera with millet 6 with the injection, support optical image stabilization. Front camera design at the bottom, very small size.

to sum up

This year is a full-screen mobile phone outbreak of the year, as a comprehensive screen concept of Mi, updated MIX2.

Xiaomi MIX2 compared to MIX, improved the criticism of the handset problem, the use of conventional handset speaker with the catheter, the handset sound quality, and the normal mobile phone is no different The other is to reduce the screen to 18: 9 5.99 inches, one hand more friendly. Abandon the ceramic frame using the metal material, easier to mass production, reduce costs. unibody all ceramic enjoyment version is millet to explore the new ceramic material of another progress.

If MIX is a full-screen test of rice, then MIX2 is a comprehensive screen for the mature.

Start End Items (English) pro price Coupon Amount
10.7 10.31 xiaomi mix2 256gb 629.99 mix2sev 100

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  1. Hi I have an MI MIX2 phone that was brilliant in the beginning, but afte i got a crack in the ceramic cower the mobile net is only present ehen i am close to a mobile sender station
    does anybody know what parts i need to fix the problem exsept for new back cower?

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