Xiaomi Mi Mix 3S Releasing in Advance: With 48 Megapixel, 5G Network


Despite the recent launch of a number of cost-effective products, but the average price of Xiaomi mobile phone is declining, just announced the independent Redmi brand is one of the proofs of Xiaomi’s impact on high-end fatigue. Previously, Xiaomi relied on the Xiaomi MIX series to win attention and began to find a seat at the 3K-4K price, but the development of the third generation of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 failed to satisfy.

Xiaomi announced the slide phone, many Redmi thought that the new product would not be classified into the Xiaomi MIX series. You should know that the Xiaomi MIX series represents Xiaomi’s latest “black technology” and the most expensive positioning. The slide plan is more about the pursuit of a comprehensive screen transition plan, and the program to make a big compromise to improve the overall screen ratio, obviously not the best choice.

It is such a product that did not bring revolutionary innovative interactive technology, so that the third-generation Xiaomi Mi MIX mobile phone that waited for half a year for Redmi was released with a questioning voice, and was quickly robbed by new products and even new technologies of friends. The limelight.

After the release of Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, Xiaomi’s promotion and marketing of the mobile phone was obviously not as good as that of the previous generation, and they chose to promote it quickly and vigorously promoted the new product about “48 Megapixel camera”. Yes, it was later released, which is also the redmi Note 7 that Xiaomi is currently promoting. Under the inside and outside of the pinch, the MIX3, which should have been the heavyweight of the year, quickly faded out of sight, not to mention the fact that the Xiaomi MIX series continued to be out of stock, and it was necessary to increase the price.

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Just because the trend is full, many digital experts predict that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3S will be released in advance, even with Xiaomi 9. According to the current integration of supply chain news, Xiaomi MIX3s will start from the “bezeless” and return to the relatively traditional way to enhance the screen performance. In addition, the core selling point of the phone may be the periscope 3x optical zoom camera module.

Faced with a slightly mediocre performance in 2018 and even the weakness of the brand’s high-end road, I believe that Xiaomi will re-energize in the first year of the 5G era of 2019. Coupled with the Redmi has been operating independently, I believe that Xiaomi will become more focused on the development and marketing of high-end flagship mobile phones.

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