Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 Leaked In-Screen Camera: Can Be Hidden Automatically


Perhaps thanks to Essential and Apple’s iPhone X, the smartphone circle has been used for more than two years for the special-shaped screens “wry wind”, although there are also new “true full-screen” forms such as pop-up cameras, surround screens, and dual screens. But it seems unnatural and imperfect. Many oils are waiting for the final commercial use of the camera under the screen. 

Previously, Xiaomi confirmed that the under-screen camera technology is under development. After media mining, Xiaomi applied for a new patent on May 30 this year and disclosed it on December 5, which was named “Display structure and electronic device (Display structure and electronic device) ) “, Which describes the in-screen hidden front-facing camera. The main point is that when the camera function is not enabled, it will not occupy the display area or block the display content.

The Xiaomi patent mentions a light adjustment component. The working state includes a light emission state and a polarization state, and the display screen includes a plurality of independently controllable pixels.

I don’t know if Xiaomi Mi MIX 4, which has not been released, will have the opportunity to use the on-screen camera technology next year.

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