Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Concept Phone: Comes With an ‘Over 100%’ Screen-To-Body Ratio


The appearance of the first generation of Mi MIX phones completely overturned everyone’s imagination of smartphones. Three years later, Xiaomi will once again show the world the uniqueness of the Mi MIX series with the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Concept Phone. On the afternoon of September 20th, Xiaomi Technology CEO Lei Jun personally made the Mi MIX Alpha platform, which praised this mobile phone as extremely disruptive.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi Mi MIX full-screen concept mobile phone was released three years ago, bringing smartphones into the era of full-screen, standing at the starting point of the 5G era, Xiaomi will once again explore the next future of mobile phones. Some netizens commented on Weibo “I hope to be as amazing as the first generation”, Lei Jun responded: very shocking, absolutely subversive. It seems that Lei Jun is full of confidence in Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha.

What is so extraordinary about the “shocking and subversive” Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha? Prior to this, the official first released the real machine side view of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, the phone in the picture has a curved screen with a very large curvature, and the curved part of the screen can also display time information. In view of the thickness of the mobile phone, Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is likely to adopt a folding screen design. It is necessary to know that Xiaomi has displayed his own double-folding mobile phone, which may be on the big stage this time.

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