Xiaomi MI MIX EVO Smartphone First Spotted Snapdragon 835 CPU


When we think Xiaomi MI6 as the first Snapdragon 835 processor smartphone in China, there is the other latest news about Xiaomi first Snapdragon 835 smartphone, called Xiaomi MI MIX upgraded version, Xiaomi MI MIX EVO instead of Xiaomi MI6.

Recently, a number model called Xiaomi MI MIX EVO has spotted at Geekbench and it has appeared three score records in two days. The EVO should be the abbreviation of Evolution. This smartphone has got 1900 scores in single core and 5689 scores in multi-core.

According to Geekbench, Xiaomi MI MIX EVO is powered by MSM8998 Snapdragon 835 Octa core processor 1.9GHz, which should be low version in terms of frequency. And it has RAM 4GB , running Android6.0.1 OS instead of Android7.X.

But some netizens point out that Qualcomm Kryo core recognition code should be ARM implementer 81, which can be seen from Essential FIH-PM1 spotted before, but Xiaomi MIX EVO shows ARM implementer 83, so the reliability needs to be confirmed.

And Li Wanqiang has leaked that Xiaomi will release a new product to amaze us in March, when we all think it should be Xiaomi MI6, right now it seems it should be Xiaomi MI MIX upgraded version, Xiaomi MI MIX EVO, stay tuned.


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