Xiaomi Mi Mix FOLD 2 Has World Premiere: Supporting 30x Zoom


The news is that the Xiaomi liquid lens will usher in an upgraded version this year. As we all know, the first folding screen mobile phone MIX FOLD launched by Xiaomi in March last year was the first liquid lens. It integrated the macro function into the telephoto lens. While supporting 30x zoom, it has the closest focusing distance of 3cm.

It is reported that the liquid lens on Xiaomi Mi Mix FOLD can see both close and far. It simulates the transparent fluid wrapped by the film as a lens, and the motor that controls the change of the liquid is similar to the ciliary muscle of the human eye.

After the transparent fluid in the lens receives the pressure of the motor, it can quickly change its shape and determine the focus, so as to complete the focus. This process is theoretically faster and more stable than the traditional mechanical device, and the liquid inside the lens has a good quality. excellent light transmission and extreme environmental resistance.

Xiaomi’s first mass-produced commercial liquid lens will usher in an important upgrade last year, and it may be applied to the MIX FOLD 2 folding screen mobile phone.

Compared with the traditional optical lens, the liquid lens has obvious advantages. First, it can reduce the volume and weight of the camera module to a certain extent, and can also reduce the weight of the mobile phone body;

Second, because the liquid lens does not need too many glass lenses as the optical transmission path, Xiaomi Mi Mix FOLD is expected to change the serious protrusion of the mobile phone lens while reducing the size, and also help the mobile phone to achieve an integrated design solution.

Third, the liquid lens does not require additional mechanical devices to keep it in focus. It only needs a very small voltage to achieve zoom and focus, and in theory, it will save more power. All in all, the performance of the newly upgraded liquid lens is worth looking forward to.

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