Xiaomi MI MIX VS OPPO R9S Smartphone Camera Review, Who is the Real Winner?


Recently, full-screen concept smartphone is quite popular, especially Xiaomi MI MIX, which has unveiled the hot era about this kind of tendency, however, the other vocabulary, ‘Shooter Phone’ is also popular, such as OPPO R9S with customized sensor, big aperture, dual camera, etc. Therefore, Xiaomi MI MIX and OPPO R9S have become the hot topic for most media. Today we will compare the camera of Xiaomi MI MIX and OPPO R9S to know which one is a real winner.


First, let’s check the hardware, OPPO R9S is built in 16MP back camera with Sony IMX398 sensor, big F/1.7 aperture and 6P lens, it has 16MP front camera, too. But Xiaomi MI MIX has 16MP Back camera with OV16880 sensor from OmniVision in USA, 1/3.06 inch, F/2.0 aperture, it uses 5MP front camera. In terms of hardware, OPPO R9S will win without any doubt. So this time we compare the back camera with 16MP on both smartphone to see whether there is any difference between two different camera sensors?



Normal Light Outdoor


According to the comparison between the sky and grass, OPPO R9S white balance is more excellent and brighter. But the sample of Xiaomi MI MIX looks more darker, tending to cold color partially.

White Balance Comparison


According to this set of samples, the brightness of the first one brings changes to make the level of the root and leaves of the plants more obvious, but in the dark part of Xiaomi MI MIX can not tell, combining to be the one.

Details Comparison


From this two photos, OPPO R9S shows very excellent details capturing, thanks to dual core focus technology. In the left picture, we can see the bumps or small potatoes clearly, but the right photo shows the smooth sample.

Color Restoring


In color restoring, OPPO R9S looks close to the color of the object, and the little gaps of rice can be seen clearly. But Xiaomi MI MIX shows a little obscurely. But in the dark color, the cold color image taking looks more comfortable.

Resolving power and Blurring 


In resolving power, OPPO R9S is better than Xiaomi MI MIX, the fake flower petal texture can present the particles, while in blurring, OPPO R9S also wins to make the main object, bud more outstanding.

In Dark Light


Under the dark light, the big aperture of OPPO R9S can reach more exposure. The words on billboard taken in the long distance can be recognized well, but the sample of Xiaomi MI MIX, it’s hard to see the words.

Sample at Night


OPPO R9S doesn’t have glare problem, the light source of the lantern focuses on one spot, but it’s not obvious on MI MIX.


According different aspects of camera comparison between Xiaomi MI MIX and OPPO R9S, we have to think highly of OPPO R9S camera, although they both have 16MP back camera, on the adjustment in sensor and photographing system, OPPO R9S enjoy more advantages, which can make us take nice photos anytime anywhere. So what do you think?

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