Xiaomi MI Note 2 Pro Smartphone First Unveiled


By the end of last year, Xiaomi has released Xiaomi MI Note 2 flagship smartphone, due to excellent ID design and strong performance, it has got many mi fans’ love. But Xiaomi MI Note 2 uses OLED screen which makes some fans not very satisfied. Because Xiaomi has not used more superior Samsung curved screen.


So after Xiaomi MI Note 2 released, it has faced the problem of shortage of screen, even right now there is no stock about Xiaomi MI Note 2, many customers has confirmed that Xiaomi MI Note 2 1080p screen resolution is too low, the 5.7 inch curved screen has some noise, especially the curved part. And this LG curved screen has obvious color partial problem.

In order to solve this problem, Xiaomi is communicating with Samsung, and Xiaomi placed an order from Samsung, it should be Samsung Super AMOLED Screen. As for the screen type, flip screen or curved screen, it needs to verify.

If Xiaomi MI Note 2 Pro really uses Samsung Curved screen, it will be better or make compensation for Xiaomi MI Note 2, the overall performance will be highly improved than MI Note 2. Stay tuned.


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