Xiaomi MI Note 2 Real Photos First Leaked Glass Design, No Dual Camera


There is only one week left that Xiaomi MI Note 2 will come out. Right now Xiaomi has leaked more news about it. What we know is that it will use dual curved screen, invite Chinese famous celebrity as spokesman, mainly aiming at beauty and top hardware. All of these can let Xiaomi MI Note 2 become the year-end flagship. So we are looking forward to it more.

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Recently, a famous blogger user has said that he has seen the real phone of MI Note 2, it confirms to use 5.7inch LG AMOLED curved screen, it can be regarded as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Chinese version, but there is no mi logo on the front. As we know, Galaxy Note 7 is almost a tragedy for Samsung and its user, but it is indeed a decent high-end smartphone in the world. Right now it has stopped to sell. So an alternative of Galaxy Note 7 should come first to comfort consumers’ heart. However, Xiaomi always takes the leading road in budget phone with high-end specs. Therefore, it’s reasonable that MI Note 2 can play the same important role as Galaxy Note 7 for some users. In design, the receiver is similar to the leaked photos, but its home button more sleek, the curved screen will not be as sleek as Note 7, but similar to S6.



Currently, a set of real photos of Xiaomi MI Note 2 has been leaked. The ultra narrow mid-frame is quite attractive. From the photos, Xiaomi MI Note 2 front and back glass panel has narrowed to mid-frame, the mid-frame has ultra-narrow width which can only contain the power button and volume button. If it’s real, this visual effect of the phone will be very amazing. But the back has confirmed to use glass material, there is only one single camera, no dual real camera on its back. Maybe there will be several versions, stay tuned.


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