Xiaomi MI Note 2 VS Oneplus 3 Design, Hardware, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review With Coupon


After one year and nine months,Xiaomi finally released its year-end flagship, Xiaomi mi note 2 , which comes with dual curved glass design, and invited Chinese most famous celebrity as the spokesman, at the first sight, Xiaomi mi note 2 is considered to be the one of the most excellent smartphones. However, the other Chinese brand, Oneplus, has also released its flagship, Oneplus 3 with metal design and 2.5D glass, coming with RAM 6GB ROM 64GB and other powerful hardware.Both are the year-end flagship right now, So which one is more powerful, just compare Xiaomi mi note 2 and Oneplus 3 step by step.



The biggest highlight of  Xiaomi MI Note 2 is the curved screen, the front design is very simple, no Xiaomi logo, the front and back both adopt 3D curved glass with symmetrical design, the back curved design is quite good and more comfortable for gripping. Xiaomi mi note 2 uses front fingerprint scanner, the ceramic material, which can support wear-resisting and scratching-proof. Xiaomi mi note 2 main camera placement doesn’t continue the the design of Xiaomi mi note on the top left, but in the middle of the body with round design, and metal frame protection. So this Xiaomi mi note 2 has nice craftsmanship and exquisite design. On the top is the infrared remote control, MIC and 3.5mm earphone jack, at the bottom is the mic on the left, USB Type c port in the middle, and speaker on the right. The most outside is two antenna line.Compared with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Note 7, Xiaomi mi note 2 frame has the width in normal weight, but a little wider than other two Samsung smartphone. Xiaomi mi note 2 has better smooth holding feel than S7 Edge and similar to Note 7. As for fingerprint scanner, Xiaomi mi note 2 uses traditional fingerprint scanner on its home button instead of ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.


S7 Edge vs Xiaomi mi note 2 vs Note 7


Note7/S7 edge/Xiaomi mi Note2


Xiaomi MI Note 2 this time uses OLED screen from LG, it has reached 110% color gamut, and 5.7inch FHD screen with 386PPI with nice color performance. Although the screen is not better than AMOLED of Samsung, it still has nice performance, especially it can be seen under the sunshine.

However, Oneplus 3 uses the latest Dash charger, QC3.0, as for its overall design, it keeps the practice like before, the front fingerprint scanner on the home button has added a circle of metal frame, but it doesn’t mean Oneplus Home button supports pressing operation. And on its back, there is a curved design to some degree, it also uses metal unibody design with every detail well from every button and high gloss edge to see the persistence of Oneplus. as for screen, it adopts 5.5inch FHD LTPS IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen of AMOLED, so this time oneplus has chosen the right display for its users.




Therefore, in terms of screen, Oneplus 3 uses AMOLED screen which is a little better than OLED one, but according to design, we think Xiaomi mi note 2 with dual curved glass design is more beautiful.

Hardware and Antutu

As for the latest version, Xiaomi mi note 2 has not only made big improvement in design and craftsmanship, but also in hardware and performance. It is powered by Snapdragon 821 quad core 2.35ghz processor, RAM 4GB/6GB and ROM 64GB/128GB, supporting 6 mold 37 frequency band which can be used globally.  And its CPU  has improved 10% performance in switching the phone, and the app launching speed has improved 10% , the battery life has improved about 5%. And its storage has also upgraded. Snapdragon 821 processor can also support the new dual ISP photographing with larger auto-focus, and more excellent low light photographing, And it has used Hexagon 680 in Snapdragon 821 processor which plays important role in GPU computing such as virtual reality, augmented reality, computing processing, and  computing vision, etc. All of these tasks are operated by CPU or GPU, thanks to Hexagon 680 DSP, it can bring more effective and lower power consumption effect.



As the above picture, Xiaomi mi note 2 RAM 4GB ROM 64GB has 140,011 Antutu scores, compared with Xiaomi mi5s plus with RAM 6GB ROM 128GB, it has improved a lot.  And according to Geekbench, it has 1789 single core score and 4318 multi-core score, thanks to Snapdragon 821 processor, so Xiaomi mi note 2 is a perfect smartphone in terms of hardware.

However, Oneplus is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, because it published earlier than Snapdragon 821 processor, and it comes with ram 6gb rom 64gb, so it can play the large games with any question. Just check its antutu score and Geekbench score below.




Therefore, Oneplus 3 RAM 6GB has lower antutu scoreand multi-core and single core socre than Xiaomi mi note 2 with RAM 4GB. We can prove Xiaomi mi note 2 can be the new winner in performance right now.


In camera, Xiaomi mi note 2 is the first to use 22.56MP rear camera with IMX318 Sony sensor, F2.0 aperture and 80 degree wide filming range. Let’s see the sample of Xiaomi mi note 2 vs Smartsian M1 vs Xiaomi mi5.


Xiaomi mi note 2


Smartisan M1


Xiaomi mi5s

In day sample, both three have the nice saturation and excellent effect thanks to IMX318 sony sensor.

Under the complicated light in the morning, Xiaomi mi note 2 performs best in details. After enlarging, it has more powerful analysis/


Xiaomi mi note 2


Smartisan M1


Xiaomi mi5s

In terms of indoor sample, Xiaomi mi note 2 also performs well, due to high pixels, Xiaomi mi ntoe 2 shows a little slower in image speed.And after clicking the shutter, the image speed is a little delayed compared with other flagships.


Xiaomi mi note 2 indoor samples

In night sample, due to IMX318 pixel inch which is smaller than IMX298, it has no other advantage in light-in aspect. The overall brightness of night scenery is dark partial, and the sharpness is a little lower, but it has nice noise control.


As for oneplus 3 camera, it comes with 16-MP rear one with OIS, PDAF, EIS  and Sony IMX 298 Sensor, 1.12 µm pixel size and 8MP front camera with EIS function. It has nice white balance and image quality. But it doesn’t come with dual tone led flash.



According to the samples, oneplus 3 has very accurate white balance and HDR is quite powerful, it has improved the photographing speed of HDR and processing speed. The overall focusing speed and analysis makes us satisfied. It shows very stable function overall. In all, Oneplus 3 gives us the impression like convenience, fast speed, and accuracy.


Namely, Xiaomi mi note 2 has nice quality in taking photos in the day, but at night, it needs to be improved. Oneplus 3 has performed well in the day and night. That’s the reason why oneplus 3 can compare with SLR camera.



Xiaomi mi note 2 comes with 4070mAh battery, and it also supports QC3.0 quick charge, we have tested before that it took one hour and 25 minutes to charge from 45% to 100%, and Xiaomi MI Note 2 can at least support one day use. So the battery life hasn’t let us down.


As for oneplus 3 battery, it only has 3,000mAh battery, so it can avoid charging once per time, as for Dash quick charge efficiency, it supports 5V/2A, using this kind of quick charge, it can support charging 20% in 10 minutes, and since charging 85%, the speed becomes slow, in 70 minutes, you can charge it full.

Therefore, Xiaomi mi note 2 has longer battery life than Oneplus 3, but Oneplus 3 supports its own Dash charge which has faster charging speed.

Other Features


Xiaomi mi note 2 run the latest MIUI 8 OS which can support application splitting, smartphone splitting, long screen shot, and NFC function for MI Pay. In addition, it comes with fingerprint scanner on the front, IR remote control, Hifi, etc. And it supports 6 mold and 37 frequency network band around the world.


Oneplus 3 also has its own features, it uses its own Oxygen OS 3.0 based on Android OS, v6.1, QC3.0, Dash charge, and front fingerprint scanner.

Therefore, Xiaomi mi note 2 has more mature and popular OS than Oneplus, and it has more practical functions, too.


According to comparison, we can know that Xiaomi mi note 2 can win over Oneplus 3 in design, hardware, battery, and OS, but Oneplus 3 also has its own advantage like camera and price. You can use coupon code: GBFROP3  to catch it at $457.99. Right now Xiaomi and Oneplus has also proved its ability to release this two excellent smartphones for users. But we really high recommend Xiaomi mi note 2 with dual curve glass design, which is quite beautiful and exquisite. So how about you?

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