Xiaomi MI Note 3 Concept Renderings First Unveil: 2K Curved Screen+Helio X40


Xiaomi as an international smartphone brand has released Xiaomi MI MIX, first concept smartphone for Xiaomi, so users and other media will focus on their new concept smartphones Xiaomi MI MIX 2 and Xiaomi MI Note 3,  right now we have seen the renderings about Xiaomi MI Note 3, which is quite exquisite, like Xiaomi style. Xiaomi mi Note 3 screen and Samsung Galaxy S8 has some similarity. But it looks more beautiful.

The two sides of Xiaomi MI Note 3 screen also adopt curved design, but screen curved rate is a little low, such bending a little, which is quite different from that of Samsung Galaxy S8. It is said that Xiaomi MI Note 3 screen uses 2K screen, 6 inch. The front camera of MI Note 3 seems very surprised, in the ultra narrow frame, there is a 12MP front camera. There is no buttons under the screen, after all Samsung Galaxy S8 designs three buttons, Xiaomi MI Note 3 only wants to use virtual buttons in the screen like Huawei phones.

It is said that Xiaomi MI Note 3 adopts titanium alloy material, but not using the material of iPhone 7, the price and hardness both have very good quality. So titanium alloy will be a new milestone for Xiaomi. Xiaomi MI Note 3 dual rear camera has been retained, which is said to record 4K video with 36MP main camera, its photographing level belongs to the first class. As for its performance, Xiaomi MI Note 3 is said to use Mediatek processor,such as Helio X40, after all, Mediatek has high-end chipset. So do you like this kind of Xiaomi MI Note 3 design?


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