Xiaomi Mi Note 4 Exposure: Full Screen Trendy Design With Snapdragon 670


This year’s Xiaomi Mi Note 3 has been on the marketplace for a long time, however because of the full-screen trend is just too fast, resulting in Mi Note 3 didn’t get a lot of attention, which also led directly to the Xiaomi down the worth of the handset to prevent the emergence of inventory excessive. However, from the current Mi Note 3 market positioning, its competitiveness has disappeared even the most basic price also ceased to exist, and currently foreign media has officially exposed the Xiaomi Note series next mobile Mi Note 4, and as the biggest regret of the Mi Note 3 isn’t equipped with a full screen, and the Mi Note 4 will be the primary full-screen Mi Note smartphone, let us take a glance at it.

Roland Quant disclosed at Twitter that Qualcomm has been testing the latest Snapdragon 670 on a prototype and is giving the test platform configuration, including 4GB / 6GB LPDDR4X memory with 64GB 5.1 eMMC flash memory, 2560 × 1440 Resolution screen, rear 22.6MP, and front 13MP camera.

The specifications of the Snapdragon 670 haven’t yet been confirmed, however, according to the news that the 670 will be upgraded to Samsung 10nm lp process, power consumption, fever control more excellent, equipped with 2 Kryo 360 superior core and 6 Kryo low-power Core consumption, Adreno GPU upgrade to 6 Series. snapdragon 670 productions can begin within the 1st quarter of 2018 and in the 2nd half, it’ll install in the phone.

However, from the Qualcomm prototype configuration, the biggest regret of snapdragon 670 continues to be the flash memory specifications stay in eMMC 5.1, there’s still a giant gap with the UFS flash memory, maybe this is also a high-pass to differentiate the Snapdragon 670 and 845 and the operating system will be android Oreo 8.0.

Xiaomi in the existing product system, Mi Note series, and Mi digital series may still admit the biggest difference between the processor to distinguish, after all, next year, whether Mi 7 or Mi Note4, with full screen primarily no suspense, Mi Note 3 as ” large version of ” Mi 6’s position may be broken, the 2 are in the screen size of the excellence will be smaller.

Xiaomi Mi Note 4 outflow of the recent is essentially the routine, the front of a full screen, the rear of the Mi 7 and vertical rendering similar dual portrait, but the fingerprint recognition continues to be not seen, the 3D structure of the light and fingerprints are possible.

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Recent news shows that Xiaomi is targeted on the 3D structure of the light face recognition, whether it’ll increase under the screen R & D efforts may additionally see CES Vivo under screen fingerprint production mobile how the specific performance. additionally, to the Xiaomi Mi Note 4, this year equipped with various elements of the Snapdragon 660 mid-range mobile phones, in the next generation of new mobile may also be used snapdragon 670, after all, this is added to snapdragon 845.

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