Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 Intel Core I5 Edition Officially Releases Today at 4,999 yuan, $833


Today Xiaomi has suddenly released a Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 New version, which has been upgraded a lot in its specs. The previous version, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 only is powered by Intel Core M3 processor, which will not make us satisfy, this kind of processor can meet our daily office, but it will not perform well besides basic office work, videos playing,etc.

The good news is that Xiaomi officially released a MI Notebook Air 12.5 new edition powered by Intel Core I5 processor, and upgrades its storage to 8GB RAM 256GB SSD, But we need to know Core I5 processor is not 13.3 inch version with Core I5, it is Core I5-7Y54, namely, Core M5 new edition.

As for price, it has increased 1,000 yuan, $333, Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 12.5 Intel Core i5-7Y54 version sells as same as that of 13.3 inch version. Compared with them, they sell at the same price, but Xiaomi MI Notebook Air 13.3 inch version has stronger processor and better GPU,  MI Notebook Air 12.5 version Core i5-7Y54 is more portable, and brings better battery life. So which one will you choose now?




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