Xiaomi Mi Notebook Design and Price First Exposed


There is much rumors about Xiaomi mi notebook, but xiaomi official has not confirmed that. So we have no idea about Xiaomi mi notebook design and its selling point. But one thing is for sure that if xiaomi released xiaomi mi notebook, the competitive price will become the best selling. And its performance will overpass the other notebook on the current market.

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Today a netizen has made the Xiaomi mi notebook design and PPT for the product release. According to the design, Xiaomi mi notebook has nice and exquisite performance and design, its top version uses i7-6700HQ processor, and GTX 970M GPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB ROM, 4K screen. Its standard version will come with i5-6200U processor, HD 520 GPU,8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB ROM.





As for its price, Xiaomi mi notebook Pro  will sell at 6699 yuan, $1116.5 and the standard one at 3,999 yuan, $666.5. So it seems we are really looking forward to Xiaomi mi notebook. Do you like this kind of design?


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