Xiaomi MI Notebook Pro 15 Ryzen Edition Announced! Ryzen 5000H Processor Support


Xiaomi announced on its official Weibo account that the Ryzen Pro 15 will be available for pre-sale on May 24 and on June 1. The price has not yet been announced.

According to the previously disclosed information, Xiaomi MI notebook Pro 15 Ryzen Edition uses a new generation of AMD Ryzen 5000H series of high-performance processors, which can be called the peak of mobile processor products.

AMD says the Ryzen 5000H family of mobile processors delivers a superior gaming experience that combines unmatched performance with excellent battery life, up to 8 cores and 16 threads, and is based on the new AMD ‘Zen 3’ architecture to deliver elite performance for gamers and creators.

Not only that, Xiaomi MI notebook PRO 15 Ryzen edition also uses the same master screen as the Intel version, each master screen has been calibrated one by one, with a unique number.

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Just as no two leaves are exactly the same in the world, the new Xiaomi MI Laptop Pro screen is unique, officials point out. It has been accurately calibrated by the top engineers of the Mi Black Technology Screen Lab, and has a unique number and corresponding ICC data file, which can provide exclusive guarantee for the color display range and accuracy of the notebook screen.


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