Xiaomi Mi projector 2S has Official Crowdfunding at 3,199 yuan, $477


Xiaomi Mi Projector 2S has officially opened crowdfunding in Mi Mall. It has comprehensively upgraded its optical performance, including “omnidirectional automatic correction”, “auto focus”, “intelligent obstacle avoidance”, “automatic curtain alignment” and other functions, which is easy to use and easy to use.

Mi Projector 2S is crowdfunded with a price of 3,199 yuan, $477 and you can participate in the crowdfunding on Mi Mall and Mi Products.

The mi projector 2S is equipped with Amlogic T982 flagship chip, which has 2.6 trillion gigahertz per second of computing power and powerful image processing capability. Combined with 2+16 gigabytes of memory, it is equipped with HDMI2.1 interface, which is necessary for gaming, so it will not be slow in various game scenarios such as racing and combat.

In addition, Mi Projector 2S also has AI picture quality enhancement technology. Through massive data training, Mi projector 2S can automatically optimize color saturation, sharpness and noise reduction according to the picture scene, bringing a more realistic visual experience.

Xiaomi Projector 2S has 850ANSI lumen brightness, 1080P HD resolution, 100% REC.709 gamut, clear picture and good color, easy to enjoy large screen video and audio experience at home.

At the same time, MI projector 2S also pays attention to the safety of children. It has passed the SGS Low blue light authority eye protection certification, which can effectively filter blue light, so that softer light can reduce the irritation to the eyes, more care for children’s eyes, and avoid parents’ worries.

The Mi projector 2S supports omnidirectional automatic correction function, which can automatically cast a square picture whether it is cast forward, side, or lifted from the ceiling. With the help of the fully automatic focus function, the MI projector 2S picture is clear when it starts up. Even if the projector changes its position, it can focus in real time to provide a clear picture.

In addition to the above functions, Xiaomi mi projector 2s also has automatic curtain alignment and automatic obstacle avoidance function, it supports intelligent identification curtain area, instant project picture complete within the curtain, even if the projection area is the main socket, switch, green plant, the foreign bodies such as adornment, it also can immediately identify, immediately to avoid automatically, to ensure image integrity, making the movie more comfortable.

Mi projector 2S is equipped with 4 highly sensitive microphones, with anti-strong noise recognition technology and wake-up technology, it can accurately identify and locate the sound source, through the “little love students” intelligent voice, want to see what move mouth, “little love students” to help you out.

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As a product of Xiaomi, Mi Projector 2S can also be deeply linked with Mi smart home. It can not only watch movies, but also be used to turn off lights, wash clothes and sweep the floor. With more intelligent linkage, it can give you a more comfortable viewing environment and a more relaxed life experience.


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