Xiaomi Mi Rabbit Large Particle Building Blocks Released, 61 Pieces Of Only 69 Yuan ($10)


With the maturity of Xiaomi’s ecological chain, in addition to the Xiaomi mobile phone, you can also buy headphones, water cups, electronic scales, razors, and other peripherals, even like children’s watches, learning machines, Story machines, school bags and other children can also be bought around, and there are even a variety of novel and f, n children’s educational toys. Today, Xiaomi Mall has once again put on a new children’s building block toy – rice rabbit large particle building blocks (animal paradise).

Xiaomi Mi rabbit large particle building blocks, like other Xiaomi products, adhere to Lei Jun’s consistent cost pricing principle and sell for only 69 yuan. Mi Rabbit Large Granule Building Block is a children’s educational building block product suitable for babies over 18 months. The set contains 61 blocks of different colors and shapes. In order to ensure the safety of children, all building blocks are made of safe and reliable ABS material, in line with the US FDA food contact materials standards and national CCC certification requirements.

Building blocks toy not only exercise children’s hands-on ability and coordination ability but also promote the development of visual nerves. They can also cultivate children’s recognition of color and shape, and fully train brain thinking, which is very suitable for the intellectual development of school-age children. In addition, the rice rabbit large particle building blocks provide a variety of cute animal images, and can also deepen children’s cognitive ability for elephants, goats, giraffes, and other common animals, so that children can learn and grow in play.

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The stylists visited a number of well-known kindergartens and early-age institutions in China and developed seven official animal models based on animals. Just a simple stacking, you can get a small animal shape that your baby likes. Xiaomi large particle building blocks (Animal Paradise) will be on sale at 10:00 am on September 20th at Xiaomi’s official e-commerce platform. Don’t miss your favorite friends.

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