Xiaomi MI Smart Camera 2 Gimbal Version Officially Released at 229 yuan, $35


Xiaomi mi smart camera 2 version gimbal version is on presale, the original price of 249 yuan,$38, 10 yuan deposit can be 30 yuan, the first hand price of 229 yuan, $35.

The new camera has a new upgrade of 4 million pixels, and the output quality is as high as 2.5K (2560×1440). Compared with the traditional 2K (3 million pixels), it further improves the imaging effect, with more details in place and more realistic pictures.

It also uses F1.4 large aperture lens, more than F2.0 into the light double, with 6P lens, effectively reduce the light loss rate. On the basis of clear picture quality, the imaging is bright, as if in person. Built-in image sensor with high sensitivity, with high-performance image algorithm, it can still smoothly present color pictures under ultra-micro light environment.

At night, xiaomi smart camera 2 gimbal version is built-in 940nm infrared light supplement, no red spot, sleeping people are not disturbed.

Xiaomi smart camera 2 gimbal version adopts double motor pte design, and the lens can rotate flexibly up and down, 360 degrees horizontally and 108 degrees vertically. Open the mobile phone outside, home situation in a panoramic view. It supports bidirectional real-time voice calls with a sound pickup distance of up to 5 meters. It has smart microphone noise reduction makes communication clearer.

The built-in AI humanoid detection module can quickly identify the contour of humanoid, automatically track and shoot after locking the humanoid, reduce false positives caused by disturbances of other objects (such as small animals moving, light changes), and reduce the trouble of invalid alarms.

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Security, each chip has a unique private key and certificate, effectively ensure data communication and storage security, financial protection is more secure. In addition, data is encrypted throughout transmission, cloud data is encrypted using AES128-bit encryption, and the sleep time can be customized.


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