Xiaomi Mi smart door lock M20 will be Released Tomorrow


Not long ago, @Xiaomi intelligent door lock official micro said that Xiaomi intelligent door lock new products will be unveiled, a new form, a new design.

According to today’s preheating information, the new product is Mi Smart door lock M20, which will be officially released tomorrow. It adopts innovative anti-clamp design, and can be installed freely according to the direction of the handle.

Although the official has not released more parameter information, but from the RESERVATION page of XIAOMI Smart door lock M20 xiaomi JINGdong flagship store, the door lock is sliding door, has a C-level lock core, supporting fingerprint, password, key, App, Bluetooth, temporary password, NFC and other unlock methods.

According to the official introduction, the first Xiaomi smart door lock became a hit immediately after its birth. Within 7 hours and 40 minutes of the launch of crowdfunding, the amount of crowdfunding exceeded 30 million yuan, making xiaomi’s crowdfunding the shortest time and the largest amount of record.

In October last year, Xiaomi’s new high-end intelligent door lock — Mi face recognition intelligent door lock X was officially released, with a retail price of 3,299 yuan, $507.

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As xiaomi’s current flagship smart door lock, Xiaomi face recognition smart door lock X will speckle projector, infrared light filling lamp, RGB camera, photosensitive sensor, distance sensor, infrared camera to form a new 3D structured light recognition module, which can effectively achieve 3D living detection, prevent 2D photos and video cracking.


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