Xiaomi mi Smart Single-embedded Dual-use Dishwasher 16 Sets P1 Open in Presale at 4,299 yuan,$623


Xiaomi Mijia intelligent single-embedded dual-use dishwasher 16 sets P1 opened pre-sale this morning, the activity got a price of 4299 yuan, $623. It supports automatic opening and closing drying, intelligent dishwashing liquid, frequency conversion water-saving first-level water effect.

The dishwasher supports intelligent discharge of dishwashing liquid. The intelligent discharge system combined with intelligent induction technology can sense the degree of dirt through the optical turbidity sensor, accurately discharge and reduce residue. A single refill of dishwashing liquid will last two weeks.

The dishwasher supports the automatic opening of the door body in the drying stage to realize air convection and shorten the drying time by 70%. More support for automatic closing, isolation dust and bugs and other entry.

The dishwasher uses five super strong cleaning systems, including star-shaped spray (720 degrees clean), zone enhanced washing (no fear of heavy grease), dual drive variable frequency BLDC motor (igeekphone note: 4500Pa washing power), intelligent water regulation, triple fine filtration system.

Through PTC hot air + automatic opening and closing + residual temperature condensation, the hot air accelerates the evaporation of water vapor, and the automatic opening and closing of the door releases steam, which can complete the triple fast drying in 10 minutes. It supports 75 degrees high temperature hot water washing, ion disinfection and sterilization rate of 99.999%. After washing, it enters the bacteriostatic storage mode, automatically starts the hot air drying and ion bacteriostatic, and keeps for up to 7 days.

The dishwasher can clean 16 standard sets of dishes and chopsticks at a time, and a total of 116 utensils. Support three – layer bowl basket, partition placed, can wash the dishes and wash the pot. A small amount of cutlery can be washed upper or lower. Support over grade 1 water efficiency standard. It can set 12 fine washing mode.

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The dishwasher supports NFC + Mijia App + Xiao Ai speaker voice combination intelligent control, App can realize 24 hours intelligent reservation, but also OTA upgrade, get the latest functions.


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