Xiaomi Mi Tablet 4 Opponents Are Coming! Huawei Tablet 5 Official Announcement: The Main Sound Quality


Today, the Huawei mobile phone official Weibo officially announced the Huawei of tablet 5, and the announcement will be released in Beijing on October 11 with the Huawei of playing 8C.

Huawei mobile phone official microblogging said that the Honor tablet 5 is equipped with dual speakers + Harman Kardon tuning + Histen5.0 triple technology, the poster with the words “sound”, it can be seen that the Huawei Tablet 5 will be a main sound quality tablet computer.

Huawei Tablet 5 is expected to be equipped with a 2K screen. Referring to the price of the previously released Huawei Tablet M5, I believe that the price/performance ratio of the Huawei Tablet 5 should be higher. The current xiaomi tablet 4 is marked.

The product information is not revealed too much in the poster, but you can see that the Huawei Tablet 5 will use a one-piece metal back cover, which will bring a very good quality.

It is understood that the sound quality will be one of the main selling points of the Huawei tablet 5, dual speakers + Harman Kardon tuning + Histen5.0 triple technical blessing. It is worth mentioning that the previously released Huawei Tablet M5 also features dual speakers + Harman Kardon as the main feature, guessing that the Huawei Tablet 5 is likely to be based on the small change of Huawei Tablet M5.

In terms of configuration, it is expected that the Huawei tablet 5 will adopt a 2K screen, and the processor is temporarily unknown, and it is expected to be upgraded to Kirin 970. After all, when the Kirin 980 terminal is about to come out, the overall game performance of the Kirin 960 is still weaker.

However, at the press conference on October 11th, the Huawei 8C will be a more heavy model. From the news of the current exposure, the Huawei of playing 8C will still adopt the traditional design style of the current Huawei mobile phone and adopt the screen occupation. Compared with the higher notch screen, I don’t know what surprises will be waiting for us at the press conference?

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As for the price, considering the Huawei tablet M5 series 2088 yuan for sale, the main cost-effective glory tablet 5 should be cheaper, and the 1399 yuan xiaomi flat 4 competition.

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