Xiaomi Mi TV 5 official Announcement: Releasing on November 5th


Xiaomi TV official Weibo officially announced: Xiaomi Mi TV 5 series will be released on November 5.

Xiaomi Mi TV 5 series Slogan is “the flagship of the year, exploring new horizons!”, the propaganda copy shows: ” As the flagship product of Xiaomi Mi TV, the Xiaomi Mi TV 5 series will bring more amazing design techniques, breakthrough image quality improvement, and more More unexpected surprises. Xiaomi Mi TV 5 series, see you on November 5th! ”

Since the first generation of Xiaomi Mi TV was launched in September 2013, Xiaomi Mi TV has launched four generations of products. Among them, Xiaomi Mi TV 4 series has been released since 2017, and in the 17th and 18th years, it has changed to sea tactics. It has launched four series of 4, 4A, 4C, 4S, 4X and 4Pro, and the size is also from 32 inches to 75 inches. Fully involved, dazzling.

In 2019, Xiaomi began to promote full-screen TV, only launched a Xiaomi Mi TV 4 series, which is the Xiaomi Mi TV 4A 70-inch released on September 18, 2019, priced at 3,999 yuan.

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The announcement of the Xiaomi Mi TV 5 series is also the end of the Xiaomi Mi TV 4 series. As for Xiaomi Mi TV 5, we can have more expectations.

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