Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022 Official Announcement: Release on April 16


A few days ago, the official release statement of Xiaomi TV said: due to the large fluctuation of raw material cost, Xiaomi will adjust the official suggested retail price of some models of Xiaomi TV and Redmi TV in the near future. The price adjustment has had a sizeable impact online, but it doesn’t appear to have derailed Xiaomi’s plans to launch a new TV. On the morning of April 14, Xiaomi TV announced on its official micro account that it would launch the Mi TV EA 2022 model.

Officially, Mi TV EA series is the most popular full-screen TV series of Xiaomi. See you tomorrow for the new upgraded Mi TV EA 2022 model! From the model name, “2022” ahead of the naming way is relatively rare, let a person think is a new car. To make things even more confusing, Xiaomi’s official Weibo account says “See you tomorrow (April 15)”, but the pre-launch poster says it will launch on April 16. So, what will be the official action on the 15th? You can look forward to it.

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Little is known about the Mi TV EA 2022 model, but the poster is supposed to reveal the design of the new TV. Mi TV EA 2022 model’s upper and left three bezels are relatively narrow, and the classic “Mi” logo is located just below the lower bezels. The specific size is unknown, but it is certain that Xiaomi will release multiple sizes for you to choose from.


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