Xiaomi Mi TV EA 2022 Officially Launched from 999 yuan, $153


Xiaomi TV EA 2022 is officially released today, offering 7 sizes of 32, 40, 43, 50, 55, 65 and 75 inches. The price range is  from 1199 yuan to 3599 yuan, and the first price is 999 yuan, 1399 yuan, 1499 yuan, 2199 yuan, 2399 yuan, 3199 yuan and 4999 yuan respectively.

Pre-orders for all sizes, except the 75-inch version, will open on April 18th at 10pm.

According to the official statement, Mi TV EA 2022 model, in addition to the previous generation of A/C/X three lines to unify, but also to do the “goalkeeper” in the mass model.

At the same time, Xiaomi TV will gradually consolidate its product line in the future, focusing on four product lines: Master, Digital, ES and EA.

This time, Mi TV EA 2022 model in the appearance, interaction, picture quality of a comprehensive upgrade, can be called a new generation of intelligent popularization pioneer.

In appearance, the whole system adopts metal all-around screen, and matched with Unibody metal fuselage. Judging from the picture, the fuselage looks very light and thin, and the overall look is relatively beautiful.

According to the official introduction, the Mi TV EA 2022 model will be adjusted one by one before it leaves the factory, and the color accuracy will reach the level of the display and accurately present the primary color of the content.

In addition, this TV is standard equipped with Bluetooth voice remote control, which supports AI far-field voice, and can wake up Xiao Ai easily without remote control.

It is worth noting that, before the official release of MI “on the adjustment of MI TV and REDMI TV model official suggested retail prices”, the official announcement of the price increase.

Xiaomi said that due to the global market supply and demand changes, the epidemic and exchange rate change, the recent price of a variety of TV core components, including display panels and chips, has continued to fluctuate sharply, and the price of core components will continue to rise for a long time in the future.

Due to the large fluctuation of raw material cost, the official suggested retail prices of some Xiaomi TV models and some REDMI battery models will be adjusted accordingly in the near future.

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Xiaomi stressed that mi TV always adheres to the cost-effective iron law, it will make full use of the advantages of the supply chain, as far as possible to ensure that the price adjustment products are still very cost-effective.


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