Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1 is Released: 430W Strong Power


Today, Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1 is released, priced at 1499 yuan, with a total of 430W of strong power, which is known to bring shocking listening experience to theaters. The audio package consists of a long strip of speakers (maximum 180W) and a subwoofer (maximum 250W), 3 full-range speakers, 3 tweeters, and 1 independent subwoofer to achieve 7 sound units.

In the wide sound range of 43Hz-20kHz, the subtle changes in the sound can be sensed without distortion. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, you can hear the details of the sound. Even the magnificent symphony can clearly distinguish the soft chant of the flute in the distance.

While greatly widening the spatial sound field, the independent center channel effectively improves the spatial positioning and clarity of the human voice, and the characters in the play are close to ears.

The 6.5-inch large-caliber subwoofer has a 15L super-large sound chamber and 250W high power, which brings excellent 43Hz low-frequency performance and reverberation atmosphere, making the bass more vigorous and powerful, and every sound is shocking.

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1 supports four modes: music, movies, news, and games. It also has AI sound effects, which will automatically adjust to the adaptation mode according to the currently playing audio content, making the listening experience more intelligent and convenient.

Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker adapts to the audio interface of a variety of devices and can be connected to your TV, laptop, game console, etc. At the same time, it is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, a wireless connection, to avoid wiring clutter, and at the same time bring high-speed, stable, and lossless audio transmission.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi TV Speaker 3.1 also has the NFC one-touch sound transmission function. Just stick the mobile phone in the NFC area of ​​the soundbar, and the music that is playing on the mobile phone can be instantly transmitted to the speaker for playback.

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