Xiaomi Mi VR Play Hands on Pictures


Launched this 4th was an excellent piece of craftmanship from the hands of Xiaomi, the Xiaomi VR Play. The design and the premium built of the VR Play plus those beautiful colour patterns make it look extraordinary. The dual zipper and the front opening are spomething we have never seen before. Today we have some pictures from Tencent of the Xiaomi that we are gonna talk about.


As you can see above, the VR Play comes packed in a black box. The one that we got here is the basic black colour version. You get the supporting straps plus some docs and ofcourse the Headset too.


This looks like a step by step operation to me. Here comes the ‘How to set up the device’ thing. First unzip the flap then set ur phone on the flap. To remind, the VR Play supports phone with screen size between 4.7 and 5.5 inches. The phone wont slide while its in use thanks to the Taiwan Chen internal reticle alignment.. Close the zipper and if it looks little off its place.See those opening on the front. Use them to adjust your phone properly. And last thing, put those straps on and you are good to go.


The silicon button on the top of the VR headset help connects your phone to the VR and lets you control it . Being similar to the Google Cardboard, you dont get the option to adjust the distance between the lenses. A possible solution will to buy a VR Remote. Pair it with your smartphone and adjust them accordingly using the Xiaomi App.


To provide its users special and updated VR content, Xiaomi has partnered with Youku, DAMAI VR, QIY, DOORIBIN,etc. Also you can play your downloaded content too. As we know the VR Play is currently in its beta testing phase, we might see some upgradations when its out in the market. Stay tuned as we will bring new updates on the Xiaomi VR in future.


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