Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Edition Review: Exclusive Health Watch


Today’s smart wearable devices are no longer just products that exist only in science fiction movies. They are both an extension of smartphones and a device independent of the wrist. Perhaps its use position is too close to our pulse, so since the birth of smart wearable devices, health has become the core soul and meaning of this series of products. Many friends around me are saying: “Actually, I don’t have many requirements for smartwatches. I can monitor various indicators of my body and provide me with corresponding data for my reference when I exercise. It is light and portable, with long battery life. It’s enough to look good. By the way, it’s best to look like a “real watch.” The Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Edition of the Xiaomi Mi Watch that I will experience today happens to accurately meet all the requirements mentioned above. Cut the complex and simplify it. From the function to the experience, everything is just perfect.


Design & Appearance

Color is a product branch of Mi Watch. From the suffix of “Sports Edition”, it is not difficult to see that this time, Mi Watch Color Sports Edition focuses on color and sports. Full of vitality, sweat dripping on the bright strap, this kind of feeling full of energy is right. So in terms of appearance, the color sports version of the Xiaomi watch can be said to be “color”.

The first is the dial part. The color sports version of the Mi Watch continues the design of the previous round dial, still embedding a 1.39-inch HD AMOLED display with a resolution of 454×454 and 326 ppi. It is worth mentioning that the dual display of the color sports version of the Xiaomi Mi Watch supports an “all-weather screen display”, you can view important information such as time without lifting your wrist. If you choose the traditional “pointer dial”, then take a look Going up, the color sports version of the Xiaomi watch is almost the same as the real watch.

Oh, by the way, when it comes to themes, this time the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Edition provides us with more than 120 selected dials, which specifically display the time, as well as display your body data and daily sports meeting data, so don’t worry. When you “hit the watch” with others, you don’t have to worry about using it for a long time and you will feel “boring”.

Since it is the main sport, it must be able to withstand the small damage that may occur, such as scratching, such as sweat, and rain erosion. On this point, the color sports version of the Xiaomi watch has long been prepared. Its dial surface is covered with a layer of third-generation Corning Gorilla Glass, with a bezel, which is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant and has good sports and anti-build effects. At the same time, there are two knob buttons on the right side of the dial, which are used for the daily operation of the watch and realize shortcut functions.

This time, the color sports version of the Xiaomi watch provides us with three colors of elegant black, space blue, and ivory white, all of which are designed in stainless steel; in addition to the three straps corresponding to the body color, the Xiaomi watch color The sports version also provides us with additional straps in three colors: retro red, vibrant yellow and olive green, but these three straps need to be purchased by us according to actual needs. The strap is made of skin-friendly TPU material, which is comfortable and breathable, so there is no need to worry about itching or even rashes caused by sweating on the wrist and stuffiness.

Flip to the back of the watch, you can clearly see sensors such as blood oxygen detection, heart rate monitoring, etc. Yes, this time the color sports version of the Xiaomi watch closely follows the trend, adding that it is currently very hot, and it can even be said that smart wearable devices must have I’ll talk about the “blood oxygen detection” function of the watch later, but I want to remind you that when you open the box for the first time, there will be a sticker with a QR code printed on the back of the watch. Tear off to avoid embarrassing situations where certain detection functions cannot be used.

Health Modes

For a smart wearable device, “health” must be the core of its product, and for a smart wearable device that focuses on sports, health and all-around body data are the basis for this product. In terms of health, this Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Edition inherits the basic 24-hour heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and body energy detection, and also newly added the “blood sample detection” function.

Let me talk about what “blood oxygen” is. As we all know, the metabolism of cells requires oxygen, and when blood flows through the lungs, protohemoglobin will become oxygenated hemoglobin, becoming a “tool person” for transporting oxygen. The so-called blood oxygen saturation is to detect the proportion of “oxygenated hemoglobin” in the total binding hemoglobin.

And smart wearable devices, because their wearing position is naturally close to the veins and arteries, their “blood sample detection” function is realized on the principle that infrared light with different wavelengths emitted by the sensor on the back passes through the skin, because of the difference The medium has different light transmission intensity. The ratio between oxygenated hemoglobin and anaerobic hemoglobin will cause the oxygen content in the blood to be different, which will naturally affect the transmission of infrared light. Then the device can measure the blood oxygen content by comparing the intensity of the reflection and the frequency of the arteries under the flesh tissue.

So we can see that when the heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring functions are turned on, the sensor on the back of the watch will start to flash. At this time, we don’t have to panic. This is not a malfunction, but a normal phenomenon.

After talking about blood oxygen, this time the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition also upgraded the PPG biosensor, and the monitoring of various data will be more accurate. Especially when your heart rate and other data are abnormal, the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition will vibrate to remind you to take appropriate actions.

In terms of sports, the color sports version of Xiaomi Mi Watch supports up to 117 sports modes, and supports 17 professional sports modes such as triathlon, swimming, high-intensity interval training, etc., whether you are a new amateur fat house or proficient in fitness Professionals of Zhidao, Mi Watch Color Sports Edition can definitely meet your sports needs.

At the same time, for users who like outdoor exercise, the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition has also upgraded a more accurate 12nm high-end four-mode GPS chip to support the four major global positioning systems including Beidou. This also means the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition. It can be more accurate when recording movement trajectory and movement mileage. Wearing the watch can automatically recognize the current sport mode, and the exclusive sport button can directly access your favorite sports with one key, reducing “setting foreplay” and leaving more time for exercise.

The details buried for sports, the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition is obviously more comprehensive than we expected. First of all, the weight of the watch itself is the only 32.5g, which is almost insensible when worn on the wrist, and will not add extra weight to the exercise; at the same time, the watch itself supports 5ATM waterproof effect, and the theoretical waterproof level can reach 50 meters, so daily swimming, Showering, sweating, raining, and washing hands are all trivialities for the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition. Finally, the battery life that everyone is most concerned about.

The color sports version of the Mi Watch can normally stand by for 16 days, and it can even be extended to 22 days in the long battery mode. The sports outdoor mode can continuously monitor for 50 hours without interruption. The battery life can be said to be quite powerful. As for the charging method, the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition still adopts a magnetic charging design. The appearance and usage of the charger are the same as the previous Mi Watch Color.

Sports Modes

As part of the Mijia ecology, the  Mi Watch Color Sports Edition is certainly not just a smartwatch. In addition to the regular record and view of our health and exercise data on the Xiaomi wearable APP, the color sports version of the Xiaomi watch also has built-in Xiaoai students. Ok, the answer is ready. With Xiao Ai, we can not only voice control of the watch to help us query information and open the application but also use Xiao Ai to remotely control our existing Mijia smart home. The watch instantly becomes a portable remote control. It’s so convenient.

And thanks to the built-in multifunctional, the Mi Watch Color Sports Edition can also be transformed into a bus card and access card. Swiping the bus or subway is just a matter of raising your hand. It also supports regular Alipay scan code payment, which is great to improve the efficiency of our daily lives.

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After experiencing so much, I can feel that the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports Edition promotes an efficient and effective lifestyle, which can take care of your life, sports, and health in an all-round way without detaining you. After all, the price of some smart wearable devices is still very high. Wearing them is like wearing a golden hoop. I’m afraid that it might be damaged. How can you talk about sports if you are so restrained? The color sports version of the Xiaomi watch fits the concept of “sports” from every positioning. It is not heavy or cumbersome. It is not only light but also a life attitude.


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