Xiaomi Mi Watch Review: With Android MIUI, Best Apple Watch Clone


Xiaomi released its first smart wearable device Xiaomi Mi Band, which caused quite a stir at the time, unlocked the phone, and supported sports monitoring, sleep tracking and other functions to open a new trend of smart wearable devices.

At today’s Xiaomi new product launch conference, after several years, Xiaomi finally launched a smartwatch that is more comprehensive and powerful than the Xiaomi bracelet.

It is not only the first true smart Android flagship watch equipped with MIUI for the Watch system but also has a built-in application store and can download and install applications independently. It also supports eSIM virtual card service, can conduct independent calls and independent 4G Internet access, and through small love classmates Intelligent linkage of Xiaomi Mi Watch related equipment products.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch is also a true “smart” watch because it has an open operating system, not only for the first time equipped with Android-based MIUI for Watch, can connect to WiFi independently for Internet access, and supports downloading and installing APP applications.

In addition, in terms of hardware specifications, Xiaomi Watch is the world’s first smart wearable device equipped with Qualcomm Xiaolong Wear3100 4G version, which is currently the flagship processor of wearable devices.

In the Xiaolong Wear3100 4G version, the coprocessor Qualcomm QCC1110 was first introduced, optimized for ultra-low power operation, and its endurance increased by 20%.

Not only that, but Xiaomi watches are also equipped with 1GB + 8GB large memory, 570mAH large capacity battery, about 34 hours of long life in the classic mode. 1.78-inch square large screen sleek minimalist design.

Design & Appearnace

Thanks to the square screen design, the screen can display more information than the circular screen of the same diameter. With the customized custom module dial, the user can customize the display time, heart rate, motion data, and other information content according to his own needs. Practical. The Xiaomi Mi Watch is such a smartwatch that combines a large square screen with smart elements.

In terms of screen specifications, the Xiaomi Mi Watch uses a 1.78-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 368*448 and a PPi of 326, with a retina-like fine display. The design of the four-curved glass screen truly creates a stunning visual experience without borders, while also using Corning Gorilla Glass, which is completely worry-free for everyday use. In addition, this time, the Xiaomi Mi Watch also uses the floating screen for the first time, which looks more three-dimensional, transparent and bright.

The back cover of the Xiaomi Mi Watch is made of ceramic material, which has better adhesion to the skin and better anti-sweat and corrosion resistance. The back is also equipped with a third-generation HRM heart rate sensor to more accurately identify heart rate changes. The Xiaomi Mi Watch frame is made of aluminum alloy matte material, which is more resistant to scratches.

In addition, on the right side of the Xiaomi Mi Watch body, there is a physical button similar to the crown, which can be used for returning, brightening, switching to the APP interface. At the same time, the crown can also slide up and down to quickly navigate the screen interface.

The other side is equipped with a separate speaker to play music, sounds, and clear and bright when using a small love classmate. Skin-friendly fluoro rubber anti-allergy strap, anti-sweat waterproof. The dial and the charging base are magnetic and can be “sucked” together to prevent falling.

In terms of protection, in addition to Corning glass protection, the Xiaomi Mi Watch also has excellent waterproof ability in terms of sealing measures, and it has no problem for daily sweating, splashing and even rainy days.

Smart further supports eSIM calls

By switching the dial screen of the Xiaomi Mi Watch up and down, you can switch between different UIs and functions. For example, the drop-down screen can simultaneously display messages on mobile phones such as Weibo, WeChat and SMS.

Sliding up can quickly set the function of the watch, such as flight mode, watch sets, power management, etc.; the left side can display the weather condition and the Hitachi schedule, and the rightward is the heart rate and motion information. As a smartwatch, it will naturally be used with mobile phones in most cases, so in addition to the settings and selection of various functions on the watch, the Xiaomi Mi Watch can also be viewed and set through the mobile app after pairing with the phone.

First, you need to install the “Xiaomi Wear” and “Wear OS” apps on your phone, then scan the two-dimensional table on the Xiaomi Mi Watch to add and pair. After the connection is successful, the “Xiaomi Mi Watch” app can immediately synchronize the data and information on the Xiaomi Mi Watch, and can also download more interesting and interesting dials to the Xiaomi watch.

The Xiaomi Mi Watch has built-in eSIM number virtual chip, which supports mobile, Unicom and telecom eSIM No. 1 dual terminal and eSIM independent number. With this function, the Xiaomi watch is not only a small “mobile multimedia” device, but truly realizes the independent operation of the mobile phone. It can directly use the watch to make text messages or use mobile data to access the Internet. Missing information and phone calls.

Combined with the watch’s MIUI for Watch operating system, you can use WeChat, Alipay, Drip and other functions even if you don’t use a mobile phone outdoors. It is a mini smartphone that can be worn on your wrist. Support eSIM functions of the three major operators. WeChat can be used directly on the watch.

Since it can connect directly to WiFi and support eSIM card for Internet access, you can use the Xiaomi watch to directly chat with WeChat. After pairing with the bound mobile phone, WeChat on Xiaomi Watch can directly synchronize the latest contacts and chat records on WeChat on the mobile phone. The operation process is also very smooth.

Surprisingly, WeChat on the Xiaomi watch also supports the download and transmission of the performance package. The overall user experience is not much different from the mobile phone except for the size of the screen.

It can be bundled with Alipay for watch payment. In addition, the Xiaomi watch multi-function NFC can be used as a bus card, access card, and wallet. WeChat and Alipay payment support. I can listen to songs online on my watch. In terms of sports health, the Xiaomi Mi Watch is equipped with a 6-axis high-precision sensor that can more accurately recognize complex motion postures.

And the third generation of HRM heart rate sensor is added to more accurately identify the heart rate change, and has the Beidou positioning, Galileo navigation, GPS three satellite systems simultaneous positioning, and the geomagnetic compass, barometer two large orientation sensor buck, accurately lock the user’s motion track.

Xiaomi watches support outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor walking, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, indoor swimming, open water swimming, mountaineering, off-road, free activities, ten professional sports modes.

Heart Rate

As a smartwatch product, Xiaomi Watch can view rich sports data records without connecting to the mobile phone. For example, after selecting a sports mode, you can view the mileage directly on the watch after completing the sports click and saving. , time, exercise load, etc., and the watch can also record and view the heart rate, speed and other motion curves in real-time.

Of course, after synchronizing with the mobile phone, you can also view the generated sports data on the “Xiaomi Mi Watch” app, including the calories burned, the number of steps and heart rate, speed, etc., and the GPS position information recorded on the Xiaomi watch will also be synchronized. On the phone, you can easily view the route and movement track of each exercise.

Sleep detection is also one of the most commonly used functions of the Xiaomi Mi Watch. It not only provides a reference score for sleep quality but also records in detail the data such as deep sleep and light sleep. It can clearly understand the quality of each sleep.

This Xiaomi Mi Watch also supports MIUI’s exclusive full-featured little love classmates and adapts to the watch’s operating logic, supports long-pressing crown wake-up, voice wake-up, negative one-screen wake up little love classmates, through voice interaction, one sentence can get it Listen to songs, navigation, etc.

Through small love classmates, remote control sweeping robots, air purifiers and other equipment. It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Mi Watch can also be used as a control panel for smart homes, such as turning the crown to adjust the brightness of the light.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that Xiaomi watches also support “shimmer mode”, which can display time and other information in the state of interest screen, which greatly enhances the practicality of the watch, because in most cases, it may only need to check the time. Without having to completely illuminate the screen.


At present, this Xiaomi Mi Watch has officially opened for pre-sale at 5 pm on November 5th. The standard version is only 1299 yuan, which is a very good value for money. After all, other products of the same type that support eSIM cards are sold at a few prices. Thousands of dollars, while the Xiaomi watch realizes the independent call and Internet function, as well as the excellent appearance and rich and practical functions.

In addition to this frog is more important, the Xiaomi Mi Watch comes with a smart operating system, “independence” is the biggest feature of this product, can get rid of the dependence on the phone, can let more ordinary people experience a real smartwatch band Come for fun and convenience.  We can buy it from Geekbuying at $279.99 by using coupon Code: 3ZNTNGJT


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