Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 600G Sold Out: Crowdfunding Amount Exceeded 18.4 Million


Today, Xiaomi officially announced that the Mi Water Purifier 600G has been sold out at priced 2499 yuan and the total amount of crowdfunding exceeded 18.4 million.

According to the official introduction, the Mi Water Purifier 600G adopts large-flux reverse osmosis filtration technology and the water output speed is fast and stable, and the water flow continues. No need to store water in the pressure tank, it can be used immediately to prevent secondary pollution.

It has high-precision water filtration technology, combined with a layer 4 purification system to help you remove rust, scale, heavy metals, bacteria, antibiotics and unpleasant smells in your tap water. It is said that every drop of water is fresh and clean.

At the same time, Mi Water Purifier 600G features intelligent pure water-lifting technology to automatically adjust the amount of wastewater according to the water quality of tap water. In the lifting mode, the pure water effluent speed is faster, the pure water wastewater ratio can reach up to 2:1, and pure water is more. Less wastewater and peace of mind.

In addition, Mi Water Purifier 600G uses RO reverse osmosis technology to intercept harmful substances up to 1 million μm, remove bacteria and filter scales, heavy metals, antibiotics, etc. that cannot be removed by ordinary water purifiers. The water quality has reached the standard for packaging drinking water.

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